Vivid Apocalyptic Dreams – What Do They Mean?

Vivid Apocalyptic Dreams often occur during times of great change, such as during pandemics, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, and other world-changing events. Frequently, upon awakening, the dreamer fears that their End of the World Dream means the world will actually end. However, the dream meaning of a vivid apocalyptic dream may be quite different. In the video below, I explain the likely End of the World Dream meaning.

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Two More Blog Posts of End of the World Dreams

In the video, I invite viewers to take a look at my blog post on End of the World Dreams. As it turns out, I actually have two blog posts on the meaning of Vivid Apocalyptic Dreams. Just click on the images below. By the way, I have a timeline of the video and attributions for images used in the video below the blog post links:

Dream Interpretation: End of the World

"End of World" Dream Interpretation

TIMELINE of the End of the World Dreams Video

  • 0:00:06 a hurricane, a tornado, a fire, a volcanic eruption, a tsunami
  • 0:00:13 or a pandemic.
  • 0:00:28 an end-of-the-world scenario,
  • 0:00:33 which means, “My world will never be the same
  • 0:00:49 I have a blog post on end of the world dreams

ATTRIBUTIONS for Images and Video Footage in the Video

PHOTOGRAPHS (in order from beginning to end)


Image courtesy of Mike Trenchard, Earth Sciences & Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center. / Public domain


Description: One of several tornadoes observed by the en:VORTEX-99 team on May 3, 1999, in central Oklahoma. Note the tube-like condensation funnel, attached to the rotating cloud base, surrounded by a translucent dust cloud.

Attribution: Daphne Zaras / Public domain


THE RIM FIRE in the STANISLAUS NATIONAL FOREST near in California began on August 7, 2013

Caption: The Rim Fire burned more than 250,000 acres (1,000 km2) of forest near Yosemite National Park, in 2013

Attribution: U.S. Department of Agriculture / Public domain


Lava fountain USGS

Description/Caption: Lava fountain of the Pu`u `O`o cinder and spatter cone on Kilauea Volcano, Hawai`i

Attribution: J.D. Griggs / Public domain


Caption: a photograph of 2004 Tsunami in Ap Nang ,krabi province in Thailand and it’s dangerous Tsunami

Attribution: David Rydevik (email:, Stockholm, Sweden. / Public domain

The TRIUMPH of DEATH by Pieter Bruegel The Elder

Caption: Pieter Bruegal the Elder painting The Triumph of Death depicting the results of a pandemic, circa 1562

Attribution: Pieter Bruegel the Elder / Public domain


All These Ghosts Copyright Tom Petrachenko, Used with Permission, composed and played by Tom Petrachenko


Copyright 2020 Carol Anne Chapman

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