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Video of Bermuda Triangle pyramid mystery

Here’s a brief video regarding the Bermuda Triangle pyramid mystery. However, I couldn’t find information about this amazing Crystalline Pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle on any conventional news website. The video is from The Weekly Strange. Therefore, my “hoax alert” alarm is making me wonder if the video is just a very-well done fabrication. Actually, if you look down through the comments accompanying the video, you’ll see that “Johnnyone9” did a search on snopes and found that it truly is a hoax. That makes sense. A genuine discovery of this magnitude would have been on all the television, internet, newspaper, and magazine news stories. Nonetheless, you might enjoy the video:

Watch the video.

Map of Bermuda Triangle


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Interesting Videos on the Bermuda Triangle

Discovery has put together a series of short, yet interesting, videos on the Bermuda Triangle. However, I’m not sure how accurate they are, for example, a couple of them imply that every month either a plane or boat disappears in the area. I don’t think so. If that were the case, we’d hear of it, and I doubt commercial flights would be going out of Miami. Still, the footage is interesting and includes some experiments being done to explain why boats sink and planes crash. You can watch the videos here. The videos will automatically play one after the other, but there are some commercials in there as well.

Map of Bermuda Triangle

This image of a map of the Bermuda Triangle is in the Public Domain and was retrieved from Wikipedia Commons

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More about the Bermuda Triangle pyramids

In a report posted by Higher Perspective, there is an image of the pyramids that are supposed to have been found. Although several people point out that the images may be (or are likely) computer generated.

In the report, they refer to Yucatan (which also came up in my hypnotherapy sessions as I wrote in When We Were Gods) and to a Yucatan legend that sounds very similar to the the lost continent of Atlantis.

Read the report.

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Crystal Pyramids on the seafloor in the Bermuda Triangle?

I recently came across information about crystal pyramids being found on the seabed off the coast of Cuba within the Bermuda Triangle. Being the natural skeptic that I am, I felt the need to investigate further. What I discovered is that stories of this nature have been around for decades. There seems to have been a surge in them over the last year or so. However, several sources, including snopes, can’t find any reputable scientific sources that confirm this discovery.

Even so, I find it intriguing that others are coming up with very similar information as what came through in my hypnosis sessions, which I talk about in greater detail in my book When We Were Gods. There are also suggestions that these pyramid formations may also be what is left of the lost city of Atlantis.

My hypnosis sessions took me back to a lifetime in Atlantis. At that time, I was a worker within a tower that operated a crystal in order to work with the Earth’s electromagnetic field to produce energy. There were several towers arranged in a grid patter, with three main large towers and many other smaller towers.

In the report posted on New Earth Daily, states the following:

“Preliminary results show this structure to be made of glass or a glass-like (crystal?) material, as it is entirely smooth and partially translucent.”

“In 1977, a mysterious discovery was made on the floor of the Atlantic concerning an unknown technology.”

“Another huge pyramid, in 10,000 feet of Atlantic water, was reported to have been found with a pulsating crystal on top of it, by Tony Benik’s expedition.”

“Other pyramids have been explored by a Dr. Ray Brown on the sea floor off the Bahamas in 1970. Brown was accompanied by 4 divers who also found roads, domes, rectangular buildings, unidentified metallic instruments, and a statue holding a “mysterious” crystal containing miniature pyramids. The metal devices and crystals were taken to Florida for analysis at a university there. What was discovered was that the crystal amplified energy that passed through it.”

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Could the Bermuda Triangle be similar to the Atlantean towers?

I was contacted by a lady who had watched a special on the Bermuda Triangle. She had also read my book, When We Were Gods, and while she was watching the TV show, she remembered that in my book there were three main towers and information regarding a triangle formation. She is now wondering whether the Bermuda Triangle is actually a natural occurrence of the type of energy source that was used during Atlantean times.

In my Atlantean memories, the towers were situated to work WITH the existing natural energy waves. They harnessed and directed the already existing energy that is in the world. Taking that into consideration, it certainly is POSSIBLE that the Bermuda Triangle is somehow tapped into and using that energy.

What do you think?

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Health tip: Drink pu-erh Chinese tea to lower cholesterol and triglycerides

Puerh tea cake

Pu-erh tea cake in its wrapping

Another thing I’ve learned from visiting Chinese tea houses is that pu-erh tea, which sounds a lot like “poor” but is pronounced more like poo-er with the accent on the first syllable, is supposed to be a very healthy drink. When I visited The Best Tea House in Richmond, British Columbia, the proprietor Michael Fung’s assistant tried to get me to pronounce it correctly in Chinese, but I finally gave up after exhausting my tongue.

The Best Tea House specializes in pu-erh tea. This is a tea that is considered medicinal in China, although it is made from the leaves of the same tea plant (Camellia sinensis) that produces green (unfermented), oolong (partially fermented), and black (fully fermented) teas. Pu-erh is not only fermented but also aged for a long time, usually years.

The Best Tea House

Michael Fung’s The Best Tea House in Richmond, BC. Note the wrapped Pu-erh tea cakes on the upper right and left shelves.

To my senses, pu-erh tea cake or brick, before it’s steeped, smells like hay in a stable – a pleasant earthy aroma – but just a bit strange when you consider that you’re going to break a piece off, infuse it with hot water, steep it, and then drink the resulting tea. However, after it’s steeped – and the Gong Fu style of tea drinking is often used for savoring pu-erh – it smells, to me, more like black tea. I like that it has less caffeine that green, oolong or black tea.

According to an article on “Pu-erh” in WebMD, not only does pu-erh contain less caffeine, which stimulates the central nervous system, heart, and muscles (Eek, maybe I should lighten up on the green tea), but also pu-erh contains antioxidants and “other substances that might protect the heart and blood vessels.”

Amber-colored puerh tea

Pu-erh tea can be an amber to brown color

Michael Fung suggested puerh tea for me, because it is “warm” rather than “cold” like green tea, and will therefore be less likely to create agitation in the body, as I understood him. I assume the “warm” and “cold” refer to properties in Chinese medicine.

OK, so here’s the really exciting part: I was surprised to read in the WebMD article that studies have shown that drinking pu-erh tea can reduce cholesterol. The article surmises that this can be due to pu-erh containing small amounts of a chemical called lovastatin, which is prescribed to lower cholesterol. Other research indicates that drinking pu-erh tea may lower triglycerides as well as low-density lipoprotein LDL (“bad” cholesterol) and raise high-density lipoprotein HDL (“good” cholesterol).

Interestingly, a Financial Times article about California cooking expert Alice Waters says that Alice has attributed a personal cholesterol drop of 100 points to puerh tea! 

Wow! I’m getting encouraged to get over my issues with pu-erh’s hay/stable aroma.

According to the WebMD article on puerh tea, it is produced mainly in the southwestern part of China in the Yunnan district. Michael Fung told me that this area also has many tall old tea trees – ancient tea trees, some of them hundreds or even thousands of years old.

Tea trees? I thought tea leaves grew on bushes. Well, it turns out that the tea plant will become a tree and that there are wild old tea trees in Yunnan, China. For a photo of an old tea tree, take a look at Andrew Stein’s Wild China blog post, The Ancient Tea Trees of Southern Yunnan.

Photographs by John J. Chapman, used with permission.

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Chinese Tea Gong Fu Style using Yixing teapots

Yixing Chinese Teapots

Yixing teapots

One of the many things I especially like about Chinese tea in a genuine Chinese teashop, is the use of tiny Yixing (pronounced Yee-shing) teapots, which are part of the traditional Gong Fu style tea service.

Michael Fung's The Best Tea House in Richmond BC

Michael Fung’s The Best Tea House in Richmond BC

Gong fu style tea involves three or four infusions of tea in one tiny Yixing teapot using the same leaves. Before you start the infusions, you first fill the clay teapot and your teacups with hot water to heat up the chinaware. Then you pour off that water from the teapot, add about a heaping teaspoon of leaf tea, fill the teapot with hot, but not boiling, water and pour that water off. Since tea leaves are dried in the air, they can contain dust, and this first rinse pours off the dust and impurities. Finally, you start the infusions, the first one lasting about 30 seconds. Each infusion lasts longer, and even though the tea is steeped longer, because you’re using the same tea leaves, the last infusion is the weakest. My favorite infusion is usually the second.

Here I am enjoying Chinese tea with Michael Fung at The Best Tea House in Richmond, British Columbia. It’s one of a group of shops headquartered in Hong Kong.

Photographs by John J. Chapman, used with permission.

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Health tip: Drink Chinese Green Tea

Sign with Chinese characters

The Empire Center Marquee, Richmond, BC

I love to visit Richmond, British Columbia, because it’s almost like going to China. Almost 50 percent of the population is from Asia. At times, with all the Chinese lettering on the shops, you almost think you are in China, especially in the Empire Center mall. If it wasn’t for the English letters on the sign, I might forget I was in Canada!

Carol Chapman with camcorder

Carrying my camcorder and tripod under paper lanterns in the Empire Center

It’s such a wonderful place for taking video footage. On this day, I was looking for The Best Tea House, a tea shop I had found online, because of my fascination with drinking Chinese green tea and the lovely little teaware accessories found in Chinese tea shops.

Have Your Heart's Desire book coverMy fascination with green tea came as a result of doing the 40-day Manifestation Prayer, described in my latest book, Have Your Heart’s Desire. This is a wonderful prayer I learned from J. Everett Irion and is based on the spirituality messages in the Edgar Cayce readings. You have to pray the prayer every day for 40 days before anything happens. On the 41st day of my prayer for wealth, I ended up in front of a Chinese tea shop. This felt strange since I’d been praying for wealth, but, my doctor had recently told me to drink green tea as a preventative. When I went in the shop, I discovered that I’d been drinking packaged green tea incorrectly and was told the right way to drink green tea. Basically, the prayer had brought me to health, rather than wealth. Then, I realized that health is probably the greatest wealth on earth.

Storefront of The Best Tea House

Store front of The Best Tea House, Richmond, BC

Carol and Michael Fung drink tea

Tea with Michael Fung at The Best Tea House

So, on this day, I was happy to have found The Best Tea House in the Empire Center and went in to have some tea with the proprietor, Mr. Michael Fung.

(Photographs in Richmond, BC, by John J. Chapman, used with permission.)

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The Vision – Excerpt from When We Were Gods

When We Were Gods book coverWhen We Were Gods:
Insights on Atlantis, Past Lives, Angelic Beings of Light and Spiritual Awakening

Chapter 5:
The Vision

As Lynn started to summarize the Atlantean lifetime, she asked, “What is the reason for your needing to reconnect with this old, old memory now, in terms of the unfolding path that you’re following in your life?”

I answered, “My sense is to gather the faithful … It’s that there are people that could be trusted … that are good.”

I saw young people bowed on one knee. They were frightened and in despair because our world seemed insane to them. Around them swirled a maelstrom of darkness. The evil and selfishness around them fell away as they began to arise and glow. They were the Golden Ones, the hope of the world. Their souls were aligned with God—to bring in a New World in which there would be a thousand years of peace. It was my purpose to awaken them to their destiny.

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When We Were Gods Table of Contents

When We Were Gods book coverWhen We Were Gods: Insights on Atlantis, Past Lives, Angelic Beings of Light and Spiritual Awakening

Table of Contents

Author’s Note
Author’s Notes to the Second Revised Edition

Part I: When We Were Gods

Chapter 1: The Man of my Dreams
Chapter 2: Trouble in Paradise
Chapter 3: In the Beginning
Chapter 4: Fat Karma
Chapter 5: The Vision
Chapter 6: The Golden Ones
Chapter 7: God is Greater
Chapter 8: The Light Without
Chapter 9: The Dark Force
Chapter 10: The Light Force
Chapter 11: The Life to Come
Chapter 12: Love of the Physical
Chapter 13: Going Crazy
Chapter 14: A Message From Pan
Chapter 15: Flying Snake
Chapter 16: The Fifth Root Race
Chapter 17: The Brotherhood
Chapter 18: The Tower and the Crystal
Chapter 19: Snake Transportation
Chapter 20: The Great Pyramid
Chapter 21: When We Were Gods
Chapter 22: Death is the New Thing
Chapter 23: Feathered Serpent
Chapter 24: A New World
Chapter 25: Epilogue

Part II: Articles

Chapter 26: Introduction to the Articles
Chapter 27: “From Obesity to the Fifth Root Race” published in Venture Inward
Chapter 28: “Melting Off the Pounds: The Sun Diet” published in Whole Life Times
Chapter 29: “Arcturus is Home” published in Fate
Chapter 30: “The Great Crystal” published in Circle Magazine
Chapter 31: “Searching for the Hall of Records in the Yucatan” published in Venture Inward
Chapter 32: “The Man of My Dreams” published in Dream Network
Chapter 33: “In the Mouth of the Snake” published in Alternate Perceptions

Author Biography

Read more about When We Were Gods.


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