Premonition Dreams That Come True

Premonition Dreams that Come True: What do you think? Can you see the future in your dreams? Have you had a dream that came true? If not, do you think they can come true? Please share in the comments section below.

To begin, your dreams can come true–not all of them, but some. However, it’s not enough to remember your dreams. You also have to take a risk with them to find out if they really came true or not. By doing so, you let your subconscious mind know that you want to work with it.

In the following video, I’ll answer some of the questions that come up when you’re trying to understand the meaning of your dreams.

Some of the questions you may ask when interpreting your dream: 

* Is my dream symbolic or do the images in the dream represent something real?
* Is this one of my precognitive dreams or is it just a dream that is processing whatever is going on in my waking life?
* What kind of message is my subconscious trying to give me in my dream?

Premonition Dreams That Come True

I believe that everyone has dreams that come true. Of course, you first have to remember your dreams. And, it really helps, if you want to remember your dreams, to write them down as soon as you wake up. You might enjoy another one of my videos on the importance of writing your dreams down. It’s about Larry Page’s dream. He’s the co-founder of Google. He learned the math to use in ranking websites from a dream.

You might also benefit from my 3-Step Checklist for Creative Dream Interpretation at this link (please click here).


Animation: grassy hill with chamomile and ladybird against the background of time-lapse heaven, beautiful 3D animation
Music under animation:

“Really Fine Day,” composer Mark Siegenthaler, Sony Cinescore, Sony Creative Software

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“New Impressions,” Sony Creative Software, 50_production_music_tracks

“Sundown,” Sony Creative Software, 50_production_music_tracks

“Spring Morning,” Nancy Burrows composer, used with permission


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