Why Study Your Dreams – The Man of My Dreams

Why Study Your Dreams? You’d be amazed at what your dreams can tell you.

The Man of My Dreams

For me, my dreams brought me, “The Man of My Dreams.” That’s right. I dreamt about a handsome stranger, saw him the next day in waking life, and now we’ve been married for 22 years. I’m literally married to “The Man of My Dreams.”

So that’s the answer to the question: Why study your dreams? Because you don’t know what your dreams are telling you if you don’t study them. First, you have to remember them.

Larry Page’s Dream

In fact, you can become aware of all kinds of things that wouldn’t even occur to you in waking life. For example, take Larry Page’s dream. He discovered a way of ranking internet pages that led to Google from his dream.

In this video, I’ll show you that important first step in the study of your dreams. The link below will take you to my homepage where you’ll find a link  for a free download of my Creative Dream Interpretation checklist.

Creative Dream Interpretation Checklist

Here’s the link for the Creative Dream Interpretation Checklist: https://CarolChapmanLive.com.

TIMELINE for the “Why Study Your Dreams” video:

00:08.040 Larry Page’s dream
00:18.920 Why go through the bother
00:54.600 One really good reason to remember your dreams
01:09.210 I dreamt about a stranger
02:03.710 At the time, I worked at NASA.
02:17.810 There was the man I dreamt about.
03:02.420 If only my dream had been as easy as Larry Page’s.
03:44.970 Well, eventually I did go up to him
04:22.960 Just think if I hadn’t written my dream down.
04:41.200 I would have forgotten it just like that.

The Whole “Man of My Dreams” Story 

If you’re interested in the whole story of “The Man of My Dreams,” you might enjoy my book When We Were Gods. The dream started a series of circumstances, because after we married, I became pregnant, miscarried, and started gaining weight at a phenomenal rate. I went to a hypnotherapist to lose weight. When she put me in deep hypnosis, I not only connected with previous lifetimes that contributed to problems with overweight, but also brought me to my experiences in the fabulous world of Atlantis. Then, I went to Yucatan where I found images of my experiences in Atlantis in the Mayan ruins. It all started with the dream!

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Carol Chapman

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