What Does It Mean to See a Lake in Your Dreams

What does it mean to see a lake in your dreams? What if it’s a dried up lake dream? Or a dream of a dirty lake? A dream about a calm lake? This video has them all. It also explains the meaning of that cute little lake, a pond. What does it mean to dream about a pond? What about a dream of a pond with ducks? Or, geese in a pond? A water lily dream? Or a dream about a frog, heron, or lotus in a pond? What about a dream of a fish pond or a dream about Koi? This video contains all these dream meanings plus some lovely, engaging footage of these various flowers and creatures.

As with most dream interpretations, the dream meaning of rain can depend on your personal experience of rain, for example, if you live in the desert, your rain dream may not symbolize sadness, but instead, overwhelming good fortune.

How to Find the Personal Meaning of Your WATER DREAM about a LAKE or POND that Applies to Your Specific Life

It helps to know how to make your own dream interpretation of your Lake or Pond Dream. That’s because dream symbols cannot reveal the exact meaning of your specific dream, since your dream is specifically about you and your life. Dream dictionaries can only give you a general dream symbol meaning. Therefore, I invite you to download my free 3-Step Creative Dream Interpretation Checklist. Click Here. Copy and paste this URL into your browser: https://CarolAnneChapman.com

TIME CODES for the Video

If you’re looking for a specific detail in the video, use the time codes, below, to look for it:
0:01:20 Lakes have fresh water
0:01:54 Water dream about a lake
0:02:02 What does it mean to see a lake in your dreams?
0:02:28 Dream of dirty lake
0:03:05 Dream about a calm lake
0:03:33 Dried up lake dream
0:04:48 For many people, “going to the lake,” means a vacation.
0:05:32 Water dream about a pond
0:06:22 What does it mean to see a pond in your dream
0:06:50 Dream about a duck
0:07:08 Dream of a pond with ducks, quacking
0:07:16 Geese in a pond dream
0:07:27 Water lily dream
0:08:08 Dream about a lotus
0:08:27 Dream about a frog
0:09:01 Dream of heron
0:10:04 Dream of fish pond
0:10:42 Dream about Koi

ATTRIBUTIONS for the Video

MUSIC (in order, from beginning to end)
Rolling Hills by Sir Cubworth, YouTube Audio Library
Family Montage by Biz Baz Studio, YouTube Audio Library
Wedding Invitation by Jason Farnham, YouTube Audio Library
Waterfall by Aakash Gandhi, YouTube Audio Library
Lightning Bugs by Geographer, YouTube Audio Library

All Video Footage: Copyright 2008 – 2020 Carol Anne Chapman
EXCEPT FOR (in order, from beginning to end):
(Panorama of Mountain and Couple) Mountain – 1076 Video by Vimeo-Free-Videos from Pixabay
(Hot air balloons over lake) Lake – 12770, Video by MixailMixail from Pixabay
Frogs – 3652, Video by anncapictures from Pixabay
Pink Lotus – 33686, Video by Nghi Nguyen from Pixabay
(Dried Up Lake) Flower – 11053, Video by Lars Ploger from Pixabay
(Goldfish) Hawaii – 29053, Video by Thomas Anderson from Pixabay
Koi Fish – 48287, Video by Paul Tran from Pixabay

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