What Do Snake Dreams Mean?

What do snake dreams mean? Snake dreams terrify and intrigue the dreamer. Whether it’s a snake bite dream or a dream about snakes slithering around, dreamers want to know, “What do dreams about snakes mean?”

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In the video below, you’ll find the answers to the question: “What do snake dreams mean?”

Most dreams about snakes provide a warning, for example, to alert the dreamer of being manipulated by someone.

On the other hand, a snake bite dream may bring to the dreamer’s attention that their words have been hurtful to another.

The snake dream can be warning a person of either someone else’s or their own treacherous behavior.

Only Cartoon or Art Images of Snakes Used in Video

By the way, because I know that many people have phobias about snakes, and also, because many snake dreams are terrifying, I’ve purposefully only included cute cartoons of snakes in this video. There’s also an etching of a Biblical scene of the Garden of Eden to illustrate the classical Biblical meaning of a snake dream.

Since people usually wake up feeling frightened or with revulsion after a dream with a snake in it, I didn’t want to add to anyone’s scary feelings. I know you want to find out what your dream means. Hopefully, I’ve portrayed some typical snake dream meanings in this video in a way that you can watch the video without squirming.

I know, when I look at thumbnails of snake dream interpretation videos online, I can’t even click of the thumbnails to watch the videos, because of the scary images.

Snake Dreams with Spiritual and Biblical Meanings

This video also looks at the spiritual meaning of snakes dreams, showing the difference between a warning snake dream and a mystical snake dream. In addition, I’ve included an interpretation for a dream about snakes Biblical meaning.

Timeline of the Video

Following, please find the times in the timeline of the video for various topics:

0:05.8 Snake symbol very common in dreams
0:31.0 Concept of snake hard-wired in our subconscious
1:00.1 Usually a warning dream
1:13.4 Snake in the Grass
1:18.2 Poisonous bite
1:40.4 Pit of vipers
1:51.9 Slithering around
2:07.5 Biblical meaning of serpent
2:29.0 Snake dream meaning of sex
2:44.1 A different kind of snake dream
3:37.0 Spiritual meaning o snake dream
3:58.3 Kundalini energy
4:24.0 Step one: writing them down

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Animation: grassy hill with chamomile and ladybird against the background of time-lapse heaven, beautiful 3D animation

Music under animation: “Really Fine Day,” composer Mark Siegenthaler, Sony Cinescore, Sony Creative Software

Music under cartoon images of snakes: “Espionage,” copyright Bruce Zimmerman composer/ZimMusic Production Music Library, used with permission

Music under the second half of the video: “A Moment,” Copyright 1990, composer Thomas John Petrachenko, used with permission.

Cartoon images of snakes: Pixabay Public Domain


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