Serpent Mound with Egg

Did ancient indigenous people create the Ohio Serpent Mound with Egg in memory of Atlanteans traveling to North America?

In my past life memories of Atlantis, I looked like a glowing egg. In addition, I’d fallen into a serpent’s mouth and flew through the atmosphere to land at another location on earth. Therefore, I’m always interested in images created by ancient peoples in which a serpent has an egg in its mouth.

Serpent Mound with Egg

A Sketch of the Serpent Mound with Egg in Ohio, from Wikipedia Commons.

As you can see in the sketch, above right, the Serpent Mound with Egg looks like a serpent with seven coils. The open mouth of the serpent surrounds an oval object that looks like an egg. I found the sketch in a Wikipedia article entitled, Serpent Mound.

According to the Wikipedia article,

Including all three parts, the Serpent Mound extends about 1,370 feet (420 m), and varies in height from less than a foot to more than three feet (30–100 cm).

Serpent Mound

The color photograph below shows the Serpent Mound with Egg as it would look if you took a photo from the observation tower at the park.

Serpent Mound with Egg

This image was taken in July, 2013. It shows the entirety of The Great Serpent Mound located near Peebles, Ohio, United States. From left, the image shows the serpent’s triple-coiled tail, follows its writhing body northward and ends at the effigy’s open-mouthed head (in the distance at the right side of the photograph). Photographer: Eric Ewing, Photo: Wikipedia Commons


Perhaps you’ve heard of the Serpent Mound. I had too. In fact, before reading this article, I’d heard that the mounds were actually a burial site. Therefore, I expected to learn that archaeologists had found skeletons buried in the mounds. However, when I consulted the map on the Arc of Appalachia website, I learned something different. In fact, I saw that the archaeologists found burial mounds nearby, not in the serpent structure at all. By the way, the Arc of Appalachia manages the park in which the mounds exist.


In the 1846 engraving below, see a different rendition of the relationship of the serpent’s mouth to the egg.

Serpent Mound with Egg

1846 engraving of Ohio Serpent Mound with Egg






















Although, I had heard of the serpent mound before, nonetheless, I hadn’t realize that the serpent had an egg in its mouth. Now, that piques my interest!

As I said earlier, it reminds me of my past life memories of Atlantis. In that long ago time, as I described above, I traveled by falling into a serpent’s mouth.

However, you have to understand that in my memories of Atlantis, I did not inhabit a human body. Instead, I called myself a “semi-solid, encapsulated Light Being.” That’s right–a Light Being! Furthermore, you would have had similar experiences of Atlantis if you inhabited that long-ago land at its beginnings. At the time, we existed separate from the material world, experiencing it as vibration.

However, we found that when we traveled on Earth, we couldn’t move as easily as when we traveled in space. Therefore, because we were Light, we used existing animals on earth to deal with the material world.  For example, we used serpents for transportation since their strike ability created momentum.

When we allowed ourselves to fall into the serpent’s mouth, we looked like a glowing egg. Hence, I wonder if the ancient indigenous mound-builders had created an image based on passed-down legends of Atlanteans’ traveling to their land. In that case, they would have been semi-solid encapsulated Light Beings who fell into the serpent’s mouth.

If you’re interested in a unique description of Atlantis, take a look at my book When We Were Gods. It describes serpent transportation for Light Beings in early Atlantis.

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