Is a Scary Recurring Dream Symbol Bad?

Is a recurring scary dream symbol bad? You may feel, when you awake from the same scary dream yet again, that the dream means that something bad is coming your way. These kind of dreams can be especially distressing. However, the scary dream symbol may simply be trying to alert you to something you aren’t aware of.

Do you have a recurring dream symbol? What is it? Please share below in the comments section. 

Today, I’m using the volcano as an example of a scary recurring dream symbol. Therefore, in the rest of this post, I’ll talk about aspects of a scary recurring dream symbol and also the meaning of dreaming of a volcano. Have you had a dream with a volcano in it, please share. Thanks.

Is a Scary Recurring Dream Symbol Bad?
Volcano Erupting (Pixabay Public Domain Image)

Does a Volcano Dream Mean the End of the World?

What does it mean if you dream about an volcano erupting? You awaken with your heart pounding, thrashing in your bed with fear. Does it mean the world is going to end? You may feel like the armagedon is upon you, but probably not. Most often, volcano eruption dreams symbolize emotions being suppressed, usually a seething anger. In other words, you’re holding in your anger so much that you’re in danger of erupting and causing all kinds of damage.

Is a scary recurring dream symbol bad?
Volcano eruption (Pixabay Public Domain Photo by)

For example, as a recurring scary dream symbol, a volcano eruption doesn’t have to be a symbol of something bad. It can be alerting you begin to express your emotions, hopefully, before they explode in a way that is harmful to you and others.

As a few possible suggestions:

  • You could journal your feelings until they’re safe to express.
  • You could also talk with someone you trust, not necessarily the person you’re angry with, because you’re more likely to blow up with them.
  • You could expend some energy in physical activity to work through the tension held in your body by the anger, and then engage with the person or situation challenging you once you’ve calmed down.

These Scary Recurring Dream Symbols are SUPPOSED to Frighten You

Is a Scary Recurrent Dream Symbol Bad?
House in danger of being engulfed by erupting volcano. (Pixabay Public Domain Photo by DarkWorkX)

So, in answer to the first question: Is a scary recurrent dream symbol bad? Usually not. Usually it’s good. It’s scary, because your subconscious want you to take note and change your ways. After all, to hold onto suppressed emotions that seethe and churn inside your body creates harmful chemicals within and can damage your health. For example, in the image above, a house can symbol your body in your dreams. You don’t want your body to “burn up” or “explode.”

Also, if you hold in your emotions, they may come out in ways that damage important relationships, which you’ll regret.

Remember, your subconscious deeply cares for you. After all, it keeps your heart beating, your lungs breathing, and your digestion processing nutrients for you without your conscious control. Therefore, often a scary dream fulfills the purpose of getting your attention!

Apply the Lessons Learned from Dreams in Your Waking Life

Indeed, it’s now your task to apply what you’ve learned from your dreams in your conscious waking life. That’s one of the purposes of dreams: to spur you to action in order to improve your life.

Whatever your personal scary recurring dream symbol happens to be, see if you learn from it and make changes in your life.

To get my free checklist on how you can use dreams to bring positive changes into your life, please click on this link.

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