Dreaming of Beach Sand – What does it mean?

Dreaming of Beach Sand? – what does it mean? In a dream, sand usually symbolizes impermanence or something temporary. So, if you dream about a house built on the sand, or a bridge arising out of a sandy beach, it will represent something you can’t depend upon or something changing. There’s even that saying, “shifting sands.”

That’s because sand is shifted by water, which, in dreams symbolizes your emotions, and wind, which represents your thoughts in your dreams.

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TIMELINE of the Video on Dreaming of Beach Sand – What Does It Mean?

  • 0:00:13 For example, a house built on the beach or a bridge rising out of a sandy beach.
  • 0:00:20 sand in a dream symbolizes impermanence, something temporary
  • 0:00:28 there’s even that saying, “shifting sands.”
  • 0:00:34 usually water in a dream symbolizes emotion.
  • 0:00:43 it’s moved by wind, when there’s a storm

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