Dream Interpretation Snake: a Different Kind of Snake Dream

Dream Interpretation Snake

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Yikes, I just had another snake dream! Naturally, I’m now scrambling online looking up Dream Interpretation Snake. 

But, such a strange snake! It lay quietly, on the left side of a rise of about seven stairs, leading up to a white door. And it had a white and beige mottled color, not the black or brown of many scary dream snakes. No fear, no shock on my part, and no aggression from the snake.

Snake Dreams Can Have Many Meanings

By the way, I have more information on snake dreams, in previous blog posts. They are:

Now, getting back to this unusual snake dream: Fortunately, I also own a copy of Gillian Holloway’s The Complete Dream Book. I finally found a meaning within its pages that explained the snake in my dream. Ms. Holloway says:

“Some snakes are associated with initiation of power in the psyche. They appear as a single snake you have to pass in order to proceed or the snake you have to befriend or embrace despite your fear. Be aware that you may be in for some changes and that you’ll be walking through issues and barriers that have stopped you in the past but will not stop you now.”

The Complete Dream Book, Gillian Holloway

By the way, psyche means soul or spirit (I had to look it up). Actually, this really makes sense, since I’m having some uncomfortable insights about myself lately. Namely, I’m awakening to the realization of my own part in an especially painful relationship. I don’t know about you, but I find it so much easier to see the other person’s problem, not mine. Indeed, sometimes I feel as if I enjoy feeling sorry for myself. That’s so much easier than changing the situation. Oops, there you have it. The truth is out. Now, I’ll likely have to walk “through issues and barriers that stopped you in the past but will not stop you now.”

Dream Interpretation Snake: When You Have to Pass a Lone Snake to Proceed

Why does this interpretation make sense to me? Not only because of my present situation, but also from the rest of the symbols in the dream. In the rest of the dream, I walked down a white hallway. White usually means purity or spirit. A hallway often represents a transition. Plus, stairs can mean the opportunity to rise spiritually. A door? Sometimes the closed door means an undiscovered aspect of yourself. The stair, the snake, and the doorway are on my right, meaning the correct way to go. So, I’m going through a transition (which I am), of a spiritually uplifting nature to discover an aspect of myself I didn’t know existed, all of which are the right thing to do. If nothing else, this dream encourages me to continue with the changes in my life.

[Suggestion: when interpreting your own dreams, look at the other symbols in the dream beside the most arresting one. Also look at what’s going on in your life. Finally, it helps if your interpretation feels true (in your gut) as well as makes sense (in your mind).]

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