Dream Interpretation Pheasant

In understanding a “Dream Interpretation Pheasant,” you need to realize that as a bird, a pheasant represents spirituality, but also instinct. Furthermore, the pheasant dream symbol has the very interesting meaning of symbolizing dreams and the unconscious from which dreams emerge, according to Dream Stop‘s article on pheasant dreams.

Who would think that Dream Interpretation Pheasant would have any specific meaning other than to dream of a bird!

Dream Interpretation Pheasant
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In my dream, I held the pheasant in my arms.

So, let me tell you a bit about my dream. In my dream, I slept with my head turned to the side on a pillow and awoke to find a bird tucked under my chin. It had a white and brown pattern on its belly. Through online research, I’ve discovered it had the look of a pheasant chick, which I’ve never seen in waking life before. Aren’t dreams amazing! But there was more pheasant imagery in this dream . . .

Dream Interpretation Pheasant
A Pheasant Chick – Isn’t it cute!
(Public Domain Photo from Pixabay)

Next, in the dream, I now held a beautiful, colorful bird in my arms. When I saw its long tail, I knew it knew it to be an adult pheasant. I loved this bird and felt so happy and honored to be holding it. In the dream, I also loved that since pheasants are wild, it chose to rest in my arms and seemed as content as a pet.

An Adult Pheasant – Isn’t it gorgeous!
(Public Domain Photo from Pixabay

To Hold a Bird

Plus, I felt happy to see that, according to AuntyFlo.com, to hold a bird means prosperity.

The Pheasant Totem

I turned to Spirit Animals Totems to find out the traditional meaning of a pheasant in dreams. It turns out that, besides Dream Interpretation Pheasant, the pheasant as a totem spirit animal, represents creativity and attraction. It can also mean that your goals are coming to fruition.

How do these dream symbols affect my life? I ask, because, after all, that’s what dream interpretation is all about: to learn how the information and wisdom in your dreams help you with your waking life.

Not surprisingly, since I dreamed about a baby (pheasant chick), I’m starting something new in my business. This new direction means a lot to me. Therefore, to learn that Dream Interpretation Pheasant has to do with creativity with goals coming to fruition provides encouragement. I feel grateful, because I believe this dream tells me I’ve made the right decision to pursue this new direction.

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