Dream Interpretation: Darkness

Today, I’ve decided to write about Dream Interpretation: Darkness. That’s because I’ve noticed that a number of people have written to me with dreams in which “dark” or “darkness” was a significant symbol. By the way, I’ve included those dreams (or excerpts from them) below. If you’re interested, you’ll find them among the dreams posted in the comments section of: Dream Interpretation: Crossing a Bridge.

In addition, I recently had a dream in which I dreamed about a thick, impenetrable dark forest. So, now, that made me really curious! What could darkness mean in a dream?

Dream Interpretation: Darkness. A footbridge in a dark forest

A wooden footbridge in a dark forest, an example of Dream Interpretation: Darkness

Online Dream Dictionaries on Dream Interpretation: Darkness or Dark

OK, to begin, when I first looked at some of these dream interpretations for “dark” or “darkness,” I didn’t like them and didn’t want to post them. After all, I’d just had a dream with the “darkness” symbol in it. I didn’t like that many of these online dream interpretations for “dark” sounded like indications of depression or illness.

For example, here’s an excerpt from Aunty Flo:

Ancient Persians believed that darkness in a dream is a sign of physical and moral pain, but also of a difficult illness.

That website also says:

Thick, impenetrable darkness is a symbol of a hurt and a sad soul: you have lost connection to the common nature of things.

That doesn’t sound very hopeful, does it? Fortunately, Aunty Flo also says:

Darkness is a common occurrence in dreams and it usually refers to the failure to connect with your inner world or any spiritual endeavor.

I feel happy to know that dark and darkness in a dream are common. Furthermore, we do experience depression and illness in our lives. Why shouldn’t we dream about those conditions? And, I had to admit, that I’d been going through a difficult period in my life where I didn’t know what direction to take next.

Furthermore, not all of the interpretations indicated depression or illness. For example, here are a few interpretations from Dreams Cloud, which has many interpretations for the dream symbol of “darkness.”

May represent the unknown.


May represent something that you are refusing to see or that you are denying.

or even:

May symbolize something mysterious, and possibly attractive.

I like that the Dreams Cloud website also includes a section on words in a dream used in a clever way, for example, for “darkness:”

In the dark. (Clueless or uninformed.)

Here’s something different from Dream Moods:

To dream that you are groping around in the darkness indicates that you have insufficient information to make a clear decision. Do your research and do not rush into making choices.

Finally, here’s an excerpt from a long, information-filled selection on “darkness” from the Dream Bible:

To dream of pitch black darkness represents feelings of danger and uncertainty. You may be experiencing a serious problem without any idea about how to solve it.

Your Dream Meaning Comes from Your Life

As you can see, when there are so many different types of meanings of a dream symbol, you need more information than only the interpretation of the symbol. Therefore, you need to look at your life and how the imagery in the dream is similar to your life situation.

For example, in my dream of the dark, impenetrable forest, there had been a clearing with green grass, a path, and a large red barn. I realized that since I was now beginning to find a new direction in my life, the darkness was “clearing.” Interestingly, during the time I had been “in the dark,” stumbling around and not knowing what to do next, I hadn’t dreamed about darkness. For me, the dream about darkness, occurred only as I began to come out of the dark. Perhaps, while I was in the dark, I wouldn’t have been able to understand the symbol since, at that time, I’d been too confused.

By the way, if you’ve had a dream that includes dark, darkness, or pitch black in it, please share it, if it’s responsive to you.

Examples of Dreams Submitted to Me that Included the “Darkness” Symbol in Them from “Dream Interpretation: Crossing a Bridge

From Amy, posted on June 15, 2016:

As I was falling in my car I realized that I had been driving in complete darkness, so of course I fell off since I couldn’t see anything. I couldn’t see the water below me but I knew it was there, and just remember trying to somehow pull myself against the seat to brace for impact, as well as trying to open a window that I could escape through.

From an excerpt of a dream posted by Scharnhorst on June 8, 2016:

The next thing I remember was it was pitch black and I have no idea of exactly where I am. Then I realized I was on a dirt road. I’d gotten off the main highway, somehow.

From Hannah posted on May 25, 2016:

I’ve had a dream that has kept repeating Itself over and over again probably for about 8 years now. I would be walking on a bridge a never ending bridge and everything around me is dark there’s just nothing. I don’t know what this means but I would really like to know.

From David Gourley, posted on September 15, 2015

My dream is that it’s dark an no moon I’m on a endless road only a few inches of the water and something is following me I can’t see it and it makes me keep walking iv had this dream hundreds of time all my life I can’t figure out what it means there is nothing online about it plz help

From Chris, posted on August 2, 2015

I had a dream of a bridge that I can not forget.
It is at night everything is dark but, there is a bridge that I can cross. I am standing at one end of it. About half way down the bridge is a stairs to get off the bridge. Can not see anything under the bridge. No water or ground. Just a bridge that I am standing at. I want to cross but, I am scared to cross. I am wanting someone to help but, no one is there. So I just stare down the bridge, which has no ending. I keep thinking of the stairs half way down the bridge. The stairs are telling me that if I want to get off the bridge, I can. But where do the stairs go. So I just stand there staring down the bridge.

A really great book for learning how to access inner guidance through interpreting your dreams is Nancy Chrisbaum and Ellen Selover’s Awaken Your Inner Voice. In it, you will not only learn how to work with your dreams but will also discover such methods as meditation, energy healing, and past-life recall. I especially like it, because it is full of stories of people using these techniques and their results.




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