Dream Interpretation BlueBird

When looking for Dream Interpretation Bluebird, you need to consider a number of things: what does a bird symbolize and what does blue mean? Also, what’s the bird doing? Is it flying, sitting, singing? How do you feel about it? Happy, scared, loving? Most bluebird dreams are very positive.

By the way, if you’ve had a dream with a bluebird in it, please share in the comments section below.

Mountain Bluebird.jpg
By Elaine R. Wilson – NaturesPicsOnline, CC BY-SA 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=989201

I just had a dream with a bluebird in it so I looked for Dream Interpretation Bluebird online.

Happily, I found this great dream dictionary site called Dream Moods: What’s in YOUR dream?In fact, they had a whole section on birds, including flying, chirping, dead, dying, eggs, hatching, and nesting. Since the bird in my dream flew to me and landed on my left shoulder, I was especially interested in the section on birds flying:


To dream of chirping and/or flying birds, represents joy, harmony, ecstasy, balance, and love. It denotes a sunny outlook in life. You are experiencing spiritual freedom and psychological liberation. It is almost as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Dream Moods: Bird

Interestingly, the bird in my dream landed on my shoulder. Does that mean I have a new weight on my shoulder? Actually, birds are very light – hardly a weight at all. And, when I was young, we always had parakeets for pets, and I dearly loved them.

Dream Interpretation Bluebird

Dream Interpretation Bluebird, an actual Bluebird, from Pixabay.com

Dream Interpretation a Blue Bird: Blue Parakeet

Dream Interpretation a blue bird, a Blue Parakeet, from Pixabay.com

It was also a blue bird. So, what does Dream Moods have to say about Dream Interpretation Bluebird?


To see a bluebird in your dream, symbolizes both happiness and sadness. It is also an indication of purification and resolution to the opposing conflicts/paradoxes in your life.



And, not surprisingly, since I grew up with pet parakeets, my dream bird was a parakeet:


To see a parakeet in your dream, suggests that a message is being conveyed to you. Perhaps, a message from your unconscious is being transmitted to your conscious mind.

Dream Moods: Parakeet

To my delight, the bluebird denotes such associations with happiness, that I discovered many “Bluebird of Happiness” poems online. Here’s one I especially liked, by Jan Peerce.

Well, I must admit I am working on resolving inner conflicts and I do feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders recently. It sounds as if my research into Dream Interpretation Bluebird brought forth some good results.

How to Learn More About What Your Dreams Mean

I’ve found that, in helping people to understand their dreams, the hardest part of interpreting your dreams is to see how certain dream symbols apply to a person’s actual life. Therefore, even though you’ve read the interpretation of the bluebird symbol in your dreams above, you may still need some help to understand what your particular bluebird dream means to you. Yes, it’s true, you can find many suggested dream meanings online. But, it gets confusing. The question is: What does this mean to me? What can I do about it? Often, there are so many suggestions you don’t know which one applies to you.

Therefore, I’ve put together an quick, easy, three-step checklist that will help you to get that “ah hah,” of understanding of what your particular dream about a past love interest means specifically to you. The checklist also shows you how you can use the information from your dream to improve your life. Here’s the link to getting the checklist on the home page of this website. Click here to register for your checklist.

Once you’re on my list, I can send you an occasional email letting you know when I have my every-once-in-awhile live online dream sessions. Happy Dreaming!!!

Carol Chapman’s study of dreams began at the age of 17 when she dreamed of a past life that explained why she and her mother hated each other so much. While sleeping, at the end of the dream, she heard “The Voice” say, “Isn’t it about time you forgave her?” As a result, she also began her spiritual journey.

A great book on dream interpretation. If you’re interested in learning how to access inner guidance through interpreting your dreams, I highly recommend Awaken Your Inner Voice by Nancy C. Chrisbaum and Ellen L. Selover. In this book, you will not only learn how to work with your dreams but will also discover such methods as meditation, energy healing, and past-life recall. I especially like it, because it is full of stories of people using these techniques and their results.




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CarolChapman is an author and inspirational speaker. She speaks at weekend retreats,day-long events, and half-day programs. Her seminars are not onlyinformative and transformational but also fun and entertaining. They ofteninclude participatory workshops and visual aids, such as videos andphotographs. She specializes in dream interpretation, reincarnation, andAtlantis, and is the author of When WeWere Gods, Arrival of the Gods in Egypt, and Have Your Heart’s Desire.

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Kristy steed - October 1, 2022

Last night I had a dream about two birds flying into my house. First let me start off by saying last night my car was broken into the back passenger window was broken out and the steering wheel was damaged due to them trying to hot wire it. I wasn’t mad about the car been broken into at first then I realized they busted out the window that had my daughter finger prints all over it. ( my three year old daughter passed away suddenly and unexpectedly 3 months ago)out of all the window they could have smashed they chose that one. But in the dream I’m opening the front door waiting on the police and two birds fly in. First the black one and then the blue one(it was a beautiful sky blue color) they flew so close to me in the dream that I had to duck each time one flew in. When the blue one flew in it landed on my coat rack and made eye contact with me. When we locked eyes it opened its beak up and something came flying out of its mouth and it opened up kind of like a web. I ducked again and then woke up out of the dream. Please help me understand this dream. I also won’t to mention that I was supposed to be going out of town today. Had my suitcase packed and everything ready to hit the road. Then this happens. I’m trying to figure out if my daughter is telling me not to go and what does the birds mean.

    Carol Chapman - October 3, 2022

    My heart goes out to you that you lost your beloved daughter. Do you ever get over something like that? How terrible that her fingerprints are lost now. A tragedy! Thanks for explaining the circumstances in your waking life surrounding your dream. To begin, police often represent authority figures. That they come in through the front door shows that the transition you’re going through with grieving over the loss of your daughter is good and important. What do black birds mean to you? To many people, crows and ravens represent death. However, some people, myself included, like how clever they are and how they communicate with each other. To some Native American tribes, they can represent a connection with the underworld or even Creation. Therefore, since you wonder if your daughter is communicating with you, it could mean that the black bird represents that connection you feel with her in the afterlife. The beautiful sky blue colored bird likely symbolizes the truth and also, possibly, hope, since it’s a beautiful sky blue color. Often any kind of bird in a dream symbolizes connection with spirit since birds fly upward. Therefore, if it were my dream, I’d feel encouraged that I had help from spirit during this very difficult time in my life. Does that feel right for you?

Linda - September 23, 2022

Last night I dreamnt I was walking along a side walk and I picked up a blue parakeet.. cuddled it and another and then another.. so I kept walking and lovingly carried all 3 blue parakeets cradled in my shirt bottom rolled up. I don’t remember where I was headed I was just walking the sidewalk peacefully. I felt complete contentment and was in total silence. Linda. Ps. My son passed in 1995 from childhood cancer, he was 8… bluebirds are my thought of him always as he gave me a glass one. My husband of 40 years passed in 2019… my daddy in 1997. So maybe because all my favorite guys in my life are gone to Heaven and are safe… maybe that’s why I’m at peace k owing that? I’ve never dreamed of bluebirds before I do t think.

    Carol Chapman - September 25, 2022

    Hi Linda, what a lovely dream. I like how you lovingly carried all 3 blue parakeets cradled in your shirt bottom rolled up. Since I’ve owned a number of parakeets, I can imagine what a lovely scene that would create. It sounds as if you have a pretty good idea of what your dream means. Not surprisingly, often the best person to interpret a dream is the dreamer since the dream is about the dreamer’s life. I would add that since you carry them in your shirt, you’re carrying them close to your heart, the torso being the home of the heart. The other thing about parakeets is that they sing so beautifully. Since birds often represent spirit, there is a spiritual aspect to the love you carry. The sidewalk likely represents your path in life, so you continue to cradle your loved one close to your heart. And, because the birds are blue, this is the truth. How wonderful!

Doug - May 30, 2022

In the summer of 2019 I was debating about buying a small condo in Northern Michigan. It was the pandemic, and I thought this was either a good move or a possible mistake.

I went to sleep with that on my mind. In my dream, I open the front door of my current home and a blue jay or blue bird comes flying in. I felt like that was a positive thing but had no sense as towhy.

I bought the condo, and that dream helped move me to do it. Not sure how or why.

Today, I pulled into the condo up north to find 2 blue jays there on a post. I thought it odd but felt good for it.

Not sure this ramble makes any sense but would enjoy your thoughts!

Thank you,


Jeanluc - April 28, 2022

Ok so I had a dream of walking by and seeing a birdcage during my journey. As a child I always wanted to catch birds with my hands. So in this dream I had the same desire. So I was walking on the pavement of my village and saw a birdcage filled with multiple kinds of birds. Baby birds adult birds birds that were flying within. But it had this one bird a blue bird that keeps escaping the cage and going back in. I was saying to myself that this bird is very valuable especially if it can sing. So I tried to cetch it but with little effort made I caught the blue bird. He felt in my hands very strong and muscular. I turned him to obverse him in my hands. Then not too close in my dreams I had someone like a best friend to me. I wanted to go show him really bad that I caught a blue bird. I felt soon excited that I actually caught this bird. Then suddenly I heard there was a gathering a person’s quarreling saying that anyone who passes by they are ready to shoot anyone. So as I walked back closer to where I caught the bird I saw multiple persons trying to find out why is this person behaving in that manner making threats of shooting whosoever passes by there property. Me still with the bird in my hand decided to walk up closer only to find out that the person making the issue is saying that I stole their bird. I immediately defend myself claiming to have not stolen the bird and I explained how I caught the bird. I apologized and said that I din mean to. The person who claims is the owner of the blue bird asked someone to bring a separate bird cage and they placed the blue bird in this cage filled with feed and water at the base of the cage. The blue bird just sat there with no energy not eating nothing. The owner of the cage watched me as if I killed the bird and ordered someone to let the bird go free. They opened the cage and then I woke up. That was such a very strange dream for me please help me understand.

    Carol Chapman - May 3, 2022

    Hi, what a dream! Do you know that dreams often reflect whatever is going on in our waking lives? So, since a bluebird can represent spiritual truth, and in your dream, it certainly represents something wonderful and special, strong and valuable, if it were my dream, this would represent something wonderful and special, strong and valuable in me, likely of an inspirational nature. Or, it could be about your spiritual beliefs. It’s like, in the dream, you caught or realized you had these wonderful qualities in you. Or, that you were aware of this beauty and strength in the world. Then, someone else says you don’t have the right to have it. Is there something like that going on in your waking life? Does someone keep trying to own and cage your inspirations? Maybe, this someone is you, since, in the dream, the solution is to let the bird go free. Do you feel in some way caged in? Without a doubt, this is a beautiful dream likely about a beautiful aspect of yourself. Does that resonate?

Tish - April 20, 2022

I dreamt I was walking on a slatted boardwalk (over nothing I could see). Maybe like if you were at the beach, but there was nothing around, except warmth and sunshine. The wood was lightly colored, kind of whitewashed. A bluebird flew from above and flitted about, and I could see the energy around this bird, like maybe I saw the air it was disrupting. It was beautiful and it made me so joyful in this dream. I watched it as it approached me and I started calling out, “Mom, mom, do you SEE this?!?”. I looked behind from where I’d just been walking, yelling out the same again, but nobody was there. The bird then landed on something just above me but out of my sight (it didn’t seem like it was actually ON me), wings grazing my face and head, and started combing its beak through the top of my head in my hair around my part. Just rubbing it back and forth in a sort of comforting way, almost parting my hair for me. And then I woke, but when I woke, I hadn’t been asleep, it felt. I was wide awake, calm, and completely conscious of what had happened. I didn’t feel that sense of transition that waking lends. I laid there for a bit to really take in what I’d just experienced; to secure it in my mind so I wouldn’t lose it. [I was adopted, and my adopted mother left when I was 2.5, although not completely out of my life (she has since passed). I know my birth mother, and have been experiencing overwhelming grief of late over the loss of mothers in my life (our relationship is okay, but I don’t feel close), and suffer from attachment and abandonment issues, and anxiety.]

    Carol Chapman - April 23, 2022

    I feel your distress over the lack of real mothering throughout your life that came up in your dream. How wonderful it would have been to have a mother who could understand you and delight in what gives you joy as you expressed in your dream, “‘Mom, mom do you SEE this?’ but nobody was there.’ However, amazingly, your deep inner guidance has given you a wonderful solution and also loving nurturing through the bluebird grazing your face and head and combing its beak through the top of your head. What a fantastic dream! Or, perhaps it was even a spiritual experience since you felt as if you were awake. Whether you were awake or asleep, let’s look at the symbols. Since birds often represent the spiritual in our dreams and since hair often symbolizes thoughts, if it were my dream, it would be suggesting that I could get help for my deep feelings of abandonment through rearranging my thoughts into a more spiritual direction. For example, (this is just an idea on my part and I feel afraid you’re going to say I don’t have a clue of the depths of abandonment a person feels when not having a loving mother, and you’re probably right, but nonetheless, I’m giving it a try for your sake), can you find some reasons to feel grateful, for example, that you didn’t have an alcoholic or drug addict mother? Here’s another idea. I know a woman who was severely abused as a child. However, when she discovered that in a past lifetime, she had abused children, it gave her peace to realize that her soul had chosen a lifetime in which she could experience what she did to others as a way of strengthening her eternal self. Not as punishment, but to expand her soul. What I’m getting from your dream/vision is that some Higher Consciousness of yours loves you deeply and wants you to think of your life in a different way that could give you calm and peace. That the bird grazed your face and head feels so loving. Also, because it’s a bluebird rather than, say, a red or a yellow bird, it means “The Truth.” By the way, do you remember what was going on the day before you had the dream, in other words, what might have keyed it off? Does any of what I said resonate with you? Hi again, Last night in my sleep, something else came up as an example of rearranging your thoughts: that since the bluebird represents spiritual truth and since it was so loving to you, could it suggest that God, the angels, your Higher Power, the Great Spirit, Mother Mary, (whatever you call Something Great Than Yourself) has never abandoned you and will never abandon you.

Chandra king - January 15, 2022

Last night I was collecting blue birds on the ground not flying I had different sizes of blue birds I remember being at a beach don’t remember where they came from from baby to adult sizes, I was gonna let them our when I dropped the box and birds were all over the ground one flew away and I tried to collect the others they were all shades of pretty blue.

    Carol Chapman - February 7, 2022

    In your waking life, were you dealing with thoughts about having to be practical? I ask, because often the beach in a dream represents the interface between emotion (the water) and the land (being down to earth).

Andrea G. - January 10, 2022

I dreamt that I was in a place with several people around me and a large Blue Jay flew in through an open window. It appeared to be a young bird due to the development of its feathers and I was “schooling” those around me. I decided to take care of it so that it would be safe. The feathers were the most royal blue and only real colors I remember seeing in the dream. I also was checking for any injuries and was talking to the bird which it was very calm and I felt a bond instantly and knew it trusted me.
My personal life is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster at the moment. I lost my son last year and his birthday is in a few days plus I resigned at my job. And of course I’m going through a spiritual awakening during all this.

    Carol Chapman - February 7, 2022

    My, you really do have a lot going on. So sorry to hear that you lost your son last year. I can’t imagine how difficult that’s been for you. So, your dream about this royal blue, gorgeous bluebird. If it was my dream, I’ve feel really good about something being the truth, likely referring to your recent spiritual awakening. I wonder if, as it’s turned out, the dream was supporting you in resigning your job. What do you think?

Seb - December 1, 2021

It’s now the second time I’ve had a dream that I’m outside and I come across a tiny blue bird. In my dream I realize its the second time we meet. Judging by its appearance, this bird is cold, wet, hungry and scared yet again. The first time we met I helped it, but now it seems my help needs to extend to adoption.
Both times I open my jacket, the bird instantly settles on my chest and snuggles into my thick sweater. This time I choose to keep the brid. We instantly and instinctively become life long companions. I can literally feel the love, appreciation, and gratitude from my new best friend as it settles into his new home my kneading sweater.

    Carol Chapman - December 1, 2021

    Hi Seb, In my opinion, yours is a very archetypal dream. That’s because you settle the bird onto your chest and you feel the love, appreciation and gratitude. Basically, it’s a dream about the opening of the heart center, a spiritual opening. A blue bird can symbolize truth and the search for something greater than ourselves (spirit). So, it feels as if some part of you has realized how cold, wet, hungry, and scared you’ve been and are willing to “adopt” a more loving direction. It’s a lovely dream. Since dreams often represent our waking lives, I’m curious, are you going through an awakening of sorts lately?

      Seb - December 2, 2021

      Yes actually I am going through an awakening. Over the last month I’ve had my eyes open, mind blown, imagination set on fire by books. More accurately by audio books from audible. On avarage my job allows me to listen 6 to 8 hrs daily. In the last 4 – 6 weeks I’ve gone through
      -Count du monte cristo
      -Green lights
      -The lessons of history
      -As a man thinketh
      -The five love languages
      -Man’s search for meaning
      Also started the Holy Bible and teachings of the buddha
      Its been a wild ride, and my only regret is that I didn’t start this journey way sooner. Like 20 yrs ago.
      Thank you graciously for your interpretation.

        Carol Chapman - December 2, 2021

        Thanks so much for getting back to me. Yes, I can see how you’d be going through an awakening from listening to those books. In my humble opinion, your dream conveys the joy your subconscious mind feels that you’ve embarked on this journey.

Mac Mabona - November 30, 2021

The other day I had a dream where I was lying on the ground and then a blue bird took a blanket and covered me and then brought me some grass for me to eat. The bird looks exactly like the one in the picture by Elaine Wilson but slightly longer.

    Carol Chapman - November 30, 2021

    What a lovely dream – to be nurtured by such a beautiful bird that often represents happiness. For me, it would also have a spiritual connotation. Did you feel really good when you woke up? I would have.

Micheal - October 30, 2021

I had this weird dream of riding on a giant blue bird while it was flying in the sky.what amazed me was that the bird was blue all over it feathers , there was no any color apart from blue in it body

    Carol Chapman - November 30, 2021

    Great dream. Are you presently dealing with some spiritual truths in your waking life? Since your dreams reflect what’s going on while you’re awake, if it was my dream, that’s what it would be about.

Lotte - October 13, 2021

I dreamed yesterday of bleubirds. In my dream my best friend had bought a few new bleu Birds with a large bird cage. She did the bleu Birds in the cage and me in it too. But I was just watching them from closby. Thats why I was in the cage too. In real life my best friend doesent like Birds. Currently I am doing a study of animal care. In my last year of college I do feel like it’s a long year and I honesty just want to finish college and work, live my own life. I am kinda done with school and negative people. I still think about the bleu Birds in the cage. Does it mean anything? I would like to know and thank you if you can help me out to discover this meaning.

    Carol Chapman - November 30, 2021

    Hi Lotte, I appreciate that you also included some details from your waking life since dreams often symbolize what’s going on during the day. In this case, the imagery feels accurate since you feel “caged in” by the restraints of getting your college degree. Since bluebirds often represent “the truth,” you might also feel that your ability to be authentic is also presently “caged.” Does that resonate?

Alex - September 25, 2021

Sometimes dreams and physical reality are all interwined. Is this message from God?
So i was watching movie “Golden Kid”, 1986, if you do not remember it is about special kid with super powers and demon who tried to destroy the kid. And Eddie Murphy in a dream trying to save kid. This kid touched the dead bird and it became alive. This bird was flying and showing the way to Eddie Murphy.
So no wonder i had a dream about some blue bird. I saw it from balcony. Someone tells me blue bird likes color blue. So i get my blue tshirt and run downstairs to get it. I approach it,and it does not fly away. I raise my hand and finger: and it jumps on my finger. It clings to my chest as i carry it home. People in elevator are surprised to see me with this bird. I got it home and even trying to put it into bed with pillow snd blanket so the bird can rest!
Next day it was windy. I went to terrace to take table umbrella down. Despite heavy umbrella and all movements: i saw the bird and it was not afraid! I moved closer and the bird did not even move away. I extended my finger , almost touching it. But decided not to touch thinking the bird is sick probably. I called my son to show him. Suddenly the bird flies away, perfect fly…it landed on the roof of a neighbor and watched me from there.
Then the other weird thing not related to bird dream. I saw bunny outside my house close to car, beautiful one, not grey but rather little bit orange/brown/red. It did not run away but started eat calmly grass. I again called my son to show it to him. The bunny ran away when neighbor drove car nearby. Hmmmm…animal day…and another coincidence : i opened the game i bought the other day. For the first time: it was called uncle wiggle or something like that. In the center of picture is bunny that looks similar: the same color and same eyes…so realistic and similar…i was joking to kids “you remember that bunny outside, i just caught it and put it inside this game by magic, ha ha”. Very strange coincidences

    Carol Chapman - November 30, 2021

    Hi Alex, I agree with you that dreams and reality are intertwined. I also agree that we can receive messages from God in our dreams. Sometimes, I have wonderful experiences like yours too. In my humble opinion, it’s a good idea to record and remember these special times, because they illustrate to us that wonderful connection we can have with spirit. Blessings, Carol

Trinacrian - September 17, 2021

I dreamt this morning that I had a large bluebird in a cage in my house. For some reason I opened the cage and let the bird go out the window, into the garden. It was a snowy winter day, and the bluebird just perched in the branches of a tree, looking very uncomfortable. I thought about bringing the poor bird back inside, but I hesitated. A few moments later I watched as a vicious squirrel seized the bluebird, ripped it open, and began eating it. I was horrified.

Then another animal, a dark dog, I think, also began tearing at the dismembered bluebird. The squirrel and the dog actually brought the bluebird back into my house, leaving blood and feathers everywhere. In a rage I chased the animals out again, and swept the feathers and blood outside into the garden. I was sick with regret and guilt and revulsion.

    Carol Chapman - November 30, 2021

    Oh, what a sad ending! It must have be difficult to wake up from that dream. In understanding the dream, please remember that our dreams often reflect what’s happening in our waking lives. Therefore, when you had the dream, was something happening in waking life that had to do with something beautiful, even of a spiritual nature, that had to remain protected (in the cage in your dream) for fear that if it got out it would be destroyed? Did you feel that you had to be very careful otherwise something (even an idea really important to you) would be ruined? Are there people around you, (could even be an aspect of yourself), that you don’t feel safe around? Anyway, that’s what it would mean if it were my dream.

May Johnson - April 6, 2021

I seen the most beautiful royal bluebird in my sleep he was trying to fly he had trouble get off his back and this man came and turn him over so he could fly and I taken a picture of him the color was so beautiful royal blue.

    Carol Chapman - April 19, 2021

    Hi May Johnson, what a lovely dream! Do you think any of this dream refers to you? Have you been having trouble getting off your back? Are you now more active?

Laylay - March 19, 2021

I had a dream of a light blue bird, I was in the car and the bluebird was flying right next to the car I pull the window down from the car and the bluebird fell inside the car the bluebird look really tired but instead of resting it went right back to flying it made me feel sad all I wanted to do was let it rest and to calm down It look like it was exhausted of flying and Instead it just kept flying and The bluebird before it went flying it looked at me it was standing on the windshield getting ready to fly and it looked at me and made me feel comfortable but I was so sad for it because I couldn’t stop it I had to let it fly even if it was struggling.

    Carol Chapman - April 19, 2021

    Hi Laylay, thanks for the dream. Do you know that your dreams often refer to what’s going on in your waking life the day before you had the dream? Here’s a link to my blog post in which I describe how I interpret dreams: https://carolchapmanlive.com/how-to-interpret-your-dreams-for-beginners/. If this were my dream, I’d wonder if I’d been pushing myself too hard so my body was feeling exhausted. Often a car in your dream symbolizes your body. Could it be that your subconscious mind feels sad you aren’t taking care of yourself and that you need to rest more?

Suzanne Kosakowski - March 1, 2021

This morning I dreamed a small , delicate, pretty , fluffy blue bird landed on me. I was so happy about it. It landed on my finger. Gripping on to me tightly. Then it fell into the snow. I tried to pick it up but was having trouble because it was so delicate. I was looking for something to put it in so i could save it. When i looked at it, it was at the bottom of a bg and looked like it was dead. I woke up trying to get it out and save it. ( fyi, i have been depressed in the last month and dont know why)

    Carol Chapman - March 1, 2021

    Hi Suzanne Kosakowski, Thanks so much for not only sharing your dream but also telling me something about your life. As you know from my bluebird blogpost, the bluebird can symbolize many positive things such as joy and love. However, in your dream, you’re dealing with snow, which almost always means fear. That’s because water symbolizes emotion and frozen emotion is fear. So, if it was my dream, it would be saying to me that because I’m afraid, my joy, love, and happiness have died. Are you feeling afraid about something or for someone? If so, I wonder if you dealt with what you’re afraid of, if your depression would lift. What do you think?

Anonymous - February 12, 2021

I had a dream about a small blue bird that I picked up and after I picked it up I put it on my finger then the bird with his/her claws stabbed me and my finger nail came off

    Carol Chapman - March 1, 2021

    Well, this is an interesting dream! I’ve heard of a person dreaming about an eagle pecking at their heart. That’s supposed to symbolize the opening of their heart and the desire to love and be loved. Or a large bird that sank its talons into a man’s head, which is supposed to meaning the expansion of consciousness. So, what could a sweet little blue bird that stabbed you with its claws so your finger nail came off mean? To begin, hands represent our ability to do things for ourselves and control our destiny. A finger nail? The protection of the finger. OK, so this isn’t a huge bird like an eagle. It’s a wee little bird that usually symbolizes love and happiness. Try this on to see if it resonates with you: You’re dealing with taking care of yourself and controlling your destiny to bring you love and happiness. What do you think?

Rosalee Wayman - January 26, 2021

I have a dream about me being really hungry. I’m looking around for something to eat and see a bluebird on top of a Telephone Pole. I am so hungry that I decide to climb the Pole so I can eat the bird. When I get up there, and grab the bird I decide that I don’t want to eat it. I instead just want to milk it and drink some of the milk. When I am trying to find out how to milk it I squeeze it and 3 eggs come out. I decide I will just eat the eggs, but realise that I don’t want to eat the eggs either, so I leave the eggs in the nest and let the bird go, and climb back down the pole.

    Carol Chapman - February 3, 2021

    Hi Rosalee Wayman, a lovely dream. I know it’s weird to think of eating a bluebird, milking it, and squeezing it for its eggs, but these are not unusual symbols. This is likely the hunger for spirit (the bluebird) in your life. Do you have a spiritual practice? It doesn’t necessarily mean attending services, which are, for the most part, not possible at this time, except for online. It could even be something as nourishing as greeting the sunrise, walking in nature, reading scripture, meditating, etc. Does this make sense? There’s also the possibility that you’re hungry for something you’re missing in your life right now, such as travel, social gatherings, etc. You could also be literally hungry, because you ate a long time before going to bed. Any of this resonate with you?

Sandy - January 18, 2021

I dreamed my husband (who passed 4 years ago this month) and I bought a new home. Our first morning there we were in our bedroom and a baby bluebird flew to him and landed on his hand. We were surprised because we didn’t know where it came from. Also in the backyard were 3 dogs laying around and one had puppies that were playing.

    Carol Chapman - February 3, 2021

    Hi Sandy, do you believe in the afterlife? What about reincarnation? When I dream of my dearly beloved, I often consider that I’m communicating with them in the afterlife. That’s partly because our spiritual self can express itself in our dreams. In your dream, the bluebird, which often represents spirit, lands on your late husband’s hand, so I wonder if your dream is communication between your spirits. Because your dream refers to a new home and puppies, I wonder if he’s telling you that he’s getting ready to incarnate again. This is totally wild speculation on my part, but this is what I would wonder if it were my dream. What about you? Do you feel a resonance?

Evelyn - January 18, 2021

I had a dream with a light powder blue bird. It was a beautiful sunny day in the park. I was sitting down and there were people chasing this beautiful light blue bird. The bird had a dark blue crown and the size of a pigeon. (I am afraid of birds due the the movie “The Birds” by Hitchcock which my mother took me to see when I was 4 years old.) Well, the bird landed on my head. I was telling the people to take it off my head. I look up and saw the bird looking at me
Wake up.

    Carol Chapman - January 26, 2021

    Hi Evelyn, great dream! Thanks for sharing it and also for describing some of your background – that you fear birds, because your Mom took you to see “The Birds” when you were four years old. That wasn’t very nice, was it? Honestly, what was your mother thinking – you were only four years old! “The Birds” is a fictional horror movie for grownups. Maybe your Mom didn’t know it wasn’t for kids, especially for little kids. It makes sense that you’d be afraid of birds as a result of seeing that movie. However, your dream seems to be saying that you don’t want to fear birds anymore. Let me explain:

    To begin, birds in real life – not in horror movies – can be really neat, interesting, cute, little fluffy things. Most of the time, they’re afraid of people. Interestingly, “The Birds” was based on a real incident in which birds ate toxic plankton and became confused. As a result, they flew against buildings, into windows, and died. In real life, they didn’t kill people. They died. It was only in the fictional movie that they killed people. Here’s a link to the actual story: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2079644/Has-mystery-Alfred-Hitchcocks-thriller-The-Birds-finally-solved.html

    OK, back to your dream. In interpreting your dream, let’s start with how you said, “I was telling the people to take it off my head.” To begin, your head in your dreams often symbolizes your mind and your thoughts. Also, since the people in your dream often symbolize aspects of yourself, you are basically asking yourself to get the (fear of the) bird off your head or out of your mind.

    Furthermore, because your dream includes a sunny sky, this is a dream about hope. Therefore, you’re receiving a message from your subconscious mind that there’s hope that you won’t be afraid of birds anymore. Here’s a link to my video on what the sky means in a dream: https://carolchapmanlive.com/what-does-the-sky-mean-in-a-bridge-dream/

    Because the bird in your dream is powder blue with a dark blue crown, you’re dealing with the color blue, which usually refers to a personal truth. Therefore, at some level, you know within you that birds are not killers. Finally, what does a park symbolize? Usually a place to get away from your worries.

    Does all of this make sense? I think that your dream is saying that you want to be free of the thoughts that birds are fearful. Or anyway, that is what the dream would mean if it was my dream – you know better than I do what your dreams means, because it’s about your life.

    By the way, if it’s true that you no longer want to be afraid of birds, you might want to slowly get yourself used to being around birds, bit by bit. I used to be terrified of spiders because of an incident in my childhood. But then, my kids caught a large 2-inch diameter spider they really liked and kept it in a large glass jar with air holes in the lid. They would catch flies, open the lid for an instant, and throw the flies in. Then we would watch the spider eating the fly. I started to like the spider, because it was so neat. Maybe you could go to a pet store like PetSmart and watch the parakeets in their cage for a while to help you get over your fear. What do you think?

    Thanks again for commenting. I look forward to seeing your reply.

Cheryl - January 10, 2021

Last night I had a dream that I had a parakeet let it out of its cage he flew to the window the window happen to be open and it flew away. Not sure what the meaning of that is it was short sweet into the point. I was not upset but it flew away I guess I welcome to the freedom I got.

    Carol Chapman - January 11, 2021

    Hi Cheryl, thanks for sharing your dream. It sounds as if you know what your dream meant, especially since you felt good about it. Usually, the dreamer knows best what their dream means. Yay!

Micaela - November 28, 2020

I had a dream early this morning I was at my mommy’s sitting outside on the pavement right by my daddy’s window and two Bluebirds flew down mama and a baby right in front of me on the ground and I was happy my Mom was looking out the window and I said look mommy look it’s two Bluebirds they are beautiful she reached forward and looked down to the ground said how Beautiful…I was caressing the baby little feathers they were not scared of me I reached over and grabbed the bag of bird feed and fed them as they were eating I looked over the window mom was gone my mother transitioned in July 17,2020.. ??? It made me happy to see my mother in my dream and I don’t know if seeing both the birds and my mom was a confirmation her will will be resolved soon for my baby brother… Please help thank you ,

Dk - November 26, 2020

Hi Carol Chapman
In my blue bird dream i saw a blue almost as big as an eagle with golden tail tips i was very happy to see it (i felt finally i got to see something special) and at that moment i was chasing a friend in a playful manner we came to a place which was very green had creaks flowing I saw the blue bird again and another bird of same size (green murky colored) her inner wings were red and black i was fascinated to see them but unfortunately i never saw the face of the blue bird just its back with its beautiful golden tips

Tristin - September 23, 2020

Hi Carol, I had a dream last night that was very disturbing. In the dream, I saw this beautiful blue bird. It was flying around, almost like it was putting on a show for me. I remember being scared of it, scared to put my hand out for it to land on, but I did anyway and to my surprise it landed on my finger and it seemed to connect with me. I remember feeling so content and connected to this beautiful bird. But then, a short while after, it was floating around and my aunt came across it, grabbed it out of the air and twisted its neck from the body and threw it on the ground, reacting to it like it was a pest. I stared at its lifeless broken body, feeling the most sadness and confusion. Why would she do this to this bird? And the rest of my extended family was there and thought it to be a normal reaction. I still feel so sad for this sweet animal, whom I had connected with so spiritually. And even though I know it was just a dream, those emotional connections I made reside, leaving me feeling anguish for its unnecessary passing. I have no idea what to make out of it.

    Carol Chapman - September 23, 2020

    Dear Tristin, I can see how your dream would be disturbing. I wonder, what is your relationship with your aunt and the rest of your family? Also, what are they like? I wonder, are they people who would sneer at spiritual things? You didn’t tell me anything about what’s going on with you during your waking life, so I’m just guessing. However, all of our dreams make emotional comments about our waking lives. Therefore, if it was my dream, I would think that someone (represented by your aunt and your family in the dream), doesn’t have much regard for spiritual truths (spiritual truths represented by the bluebird in your dream). Therefore, in your waking life, you may be afraid to consider a spiritual view of life. As a result, you destroy spiritual thoughts (represented in the dream by having the head twisted off the bird–the head is where thoughts are). Because you felt so emotionally distressed after you woke up, if it was my dream, it would mean to me that somewhere deep in my subconscious mind, I have a real appreciation for spiritual truths, and worrying about what other people think may destroy this avenue of comfort. In your waking life, you are both afraid to pursue the spiritual (being scared of the bluebird that represents spiritual truths in your dream), but also want to give the a spiritual look at life a chance (since, in the dream, you put out your hand for the bluebird to land on anyway). Does any of that make sense to you? Or, am I way off base?

      Tristin - September 28, 2020

      Carol, Wow! I feel like this is spot on. I grew up in a religion that my whole family has unwavering devotion to, and I have only recently discovered that this particular way of thinking doesn’t sit well with me. The aunt in the dream is one of those I am not the closest with and she is particularly strong about expressing her passion for this religion. I am very close to my family but have been feeling guilty for not believing the same way they do and have been worrying about speaking my truth about my own spirituality. Thank you so much for spending the time to unpack this for me. I really appreciate it.

        Carol Chapman - September 30, 2020

        Your welcomed. I feel happy and honored that I could be of help in unraveling what your own subconscious was telling you. Thanks for the feedback.
        Hugs and Blessings,

    Kathy - December 14, 2020

    Dear Carol in my dream a small bird with the deepest beautiful bird was with me in my van I felt pure love for it then it started to flounder and was joined by another bird of similar size but with speckled grey and yellow colouring the new bird was snuggling up to my beloved blue bird I picked them up gently and they had both dies .I was soo sad there was a man who appeared and I thought that maybe he had kicked them I acted him and he said he hadn’t.i have not looked into dreams before but the colour of my blue bird and the love I felt for him was so striking and I feel so sad

      Carol Chapman - December 18, 2020

      Hi Kathy, Thanks for sharing your dream. In understanding what it means, I’d ask you these questions: What has happened in your life recently that you feel so sad about? Have you felt as if some truth you believe in has died?

Lea - September 3, 2020

I had a dream where I was at my house, I saw a little blue bird sitting on my laundry line. I cupped it in my hand and snuggled it on my cheek, it snuggled back. I was in awe and I loved the little bird. At some point it was inside a flower. The bird was small enough to fit inside the flower. Along my dream, I was holding the bird, it was raining and I was doing groceries, I held an umbrella and some bags. Once I was done, I opened up my hand and totally forgot about the bird. The bird was now a dusty, crumbly skeleton. I cried and felt great sorrow. Further down my dream, I was at a clinic, I found another bird, except it was white (I can remember, but it wasn´t blue) and it was inside a white flower with pink at the base of the flower. I loved the bird so much. But once again, the little bird turned into a skeleton in my hand when I was holding my hand tight. And once again I felt sorrow. I google what the blue bird meant, it meant love and happiness. But I couldn´t find anything about it dying in my hand.

    Carol Chapman - September 16, 2020

    Hi Lea, I think it’s great that you searched for the meaning of a blue bird in your dream. Interestingly, you have two birds in your dream. So, there’s an emphasis on birds.One is blue, which to me means truth, and one is white, which often as to do with overcoming a negative situation. And, they’re both dying, crumbling, and turning into skeletons. Plus, you feel great sorrow. To begin, often birds represent spiritual concerns. After all, they fly higher than we can go. So, here’s something you love that dies. And, since it’s a bird, it could symbolize higher aspirations or hopes. Are you hoping to achieve something? overcome something? Laundry line: the sense of cleansing. Raining: sadness. Lots of sadness in your dream. Often dreams about dying are actually dreams about something being born, as in, “the old dies and the new is born.” Are you going through something in your life where you’re coming to the end of some major part of your life? A marriage, school, a friendship, a job. It can even be something good, but it’s ending. Any change feels like a death, because it requires an adjustment. You didn’t say what’s going on in your life, but just the adjustment to COVID is a huge adjustment and an immense dying of the old joys and the birth of a new way of life for many of us. Does any of this resonate with you? Thanks for sharing your poignant dream. I loved how you described it–touched me old heart strings!

      Lea - September 21, 2020

      Thank you for answering me. What a great interpretation, it filled my empty, curious stomach that craved answers. In my waking life, it is almost like a dream; hazy and hard to understand. I am just confused about my love life and I am also doing my best to make my old folks proud. But I fail almost every time, and they fail to see my efforts. I hope this can help if you want continue responding to my question.

        Carol Chapman - September 23, 2020

        Hi Lea, thanks for getting back to me and explaining what’s going on in your waking life. It seems as if your bluebird dream, in which both the blue and the white bird represent a search for spiritual truth and values, is saying just what you said in your reply to me. That “But I fail almost every time, and they fail to see my efforts.” That you’re doing your best to make your old folks proud shows your high spiritual values. That they fail to see your efforts could be represented in the dream by the birds turning into dry crumbly skeletons. However, if it was my dream, I’d feel encouraged, because some inner knowing within you must see your efforts as being worthwhile since your subconscious mind gave you these two lovely bird symbols in your dream. What if there really is a God within and that Universal Wisdom is saying you’re doing well, but don’t let other people’s opinions of you (“they fail to see my efforts”) make you feel discouraged. Could it be that their opinions of you (they fail to see my efforts) are destroying your ability to value yourself and your efforts?

          Lea - September 24, 2020

          I understand now. Thank you for helping me interpret my dream. I think there is a god personally; I guess he is proud of me. I value myself tho, I just get deeply disappointed that maybe I could have done better, or tried harder. But now I know that I just have to keep trying and have a good will in my heart. Thanks again Carol, may many blessings come your way.

Afrin - August 30, 2020

Hi Carol
So, I had this dream tonight about finding a strange ruffled up blue bird which willingly perched on my fingers and then i helped it to drink water from a small pond…and when other people were trying to take the bird away from me, it refused. Then suddenly, it fell in the water and then i brought it out…the other people in my dream wanted to capture it, but i didn’t want to do so, so we agreed to keep it till it became better.
And when the blue bird fell into the water, its colour changed to brown 🙁

    Carol Chapman - August 31, 2020

    Dear Afrin, I love it! This is classic, because the water changed colour to brown when the blue bird fell into the water. Remember, often a blue bird symbolizes a spiritual truth. In fact, the color blue often means “true blue,” or anyway, that’s what these symbols would mean if it was my dream. What I suggest to you may not resonate with you. This is your dream. Nonetheless, I’ll continue with what the symbols often mean. Water can also symbolize spirit…or emotion. So, if you substitute “truth” for the blue bird, first you have the truth so close, it’s on your finger. You nourish the truth with water or spiritual seeking or your (possibly devout) emotions. Other people try to take the truth from you, but it refuses to leave. However, when the truth falls in the water, or becomes submerged because of your emotions, the water becomes brown. Brown usually represents “down-to-earth,” practical, or even, “muddied,” emotions. My question to you: do you feel you can’t keep to spiritual truths because you need to be practical or because you’ve become confused by difficult emotions lately? Thanks for the dream.

Laith - July 25, 2020

Just last night, I had a dream I was chasing someone through these corridors that resembled a cruise ship. It switched to me waking up in this well lit room with a woman I recognised as an old school friends mom – we were in a pet shop it seemed and I was asking about a lizard oddly enough but said I would also be interested in birds. The first bird we stop at is a small blue bird, almost looks like a Robyn or similar..I stroke its head and it immediately hops onto my hand and starts doing a dance. The woman says its bonded with me and I have to keep it. I woke up straight after but felt happy and calm. Very strange dream 🙂

    Carol Chapman - August 17, 2020

    Hi Laith, what a lovely dream. To feel happy and calm in your dream.

Shan shan - June 27, 2020

Hiiiiii thanks for this, i dreampt of a blue bird with a beak of a- i forgot the name?, although when it came to me it was happy but injured at the same time, i tries to help it and tried to make it flew but- the moment i threw him to the sky he seemed ok but the second later he landed on a dumpster and i cried, it was the last thing i remember for now because i wake up like 7-8 times each night and i dont know why?

Janet Ellis - June 24, 2020

I had a dream a very blue but small and fat bird flew in a house that reminded me of my son’s that I was at (not sure how). The house was cluttered with furniture, boxes and other household type stuff stacked. The bird immediately flew into a space between some folded quilts. A cat that looked like mine (i have a big black cat) and a large dog – the snuggable floppy kind (I don’t have a dog but want one). Both started to “nose in” to the space, I did not feel panicked rather i laughed and felt warm happy feeling. I easily reached in to the space and pulled the bird out. The blueness had faded a bit but as i held it and talked to it the blueness came back with a vigor. My cat was rubbing my leg and the dog was rolling on its back like a big floppy dog would do as affection (like wanting a belly rub). This is the way the dream ended and i woke up feeling very much the same as i did when i was holding the bird. This is the most moving dream i have ever had ( i don’t dream much) and i was able to remember it vividly. Even now the same sweet warm feeling rises as i write this!

Lisa - May 12, 2020

Hi Carol,
A couple of nights ago I had a dream that I was in a car with a friend that I havnt had a relationship with in a couple of years. She was very close to me . I cannot remember who was driving , but I do remember we had stopped the car . I looked up through the sun roof and in slow slow motion I could see this blue bird flying down towards us. As I am typing this now and recalling the dream I am wondering if the bird was flying or falling . Either way it didn’t crash or hurt itself , but it did land on the windshield . It was such an awesome feeling to see and to feel . I woke up from the dream and quickly looked up the meaning of the blue bird . Life has been crazy , and there has been a lot of changes lately . Some worries are about health and about living a new life by staying cautious and aware . Realizing that I’m lucky and content with being a mom and being home , is something that I never thought I would have been . So many thoughts have happened . I am going to reach out to my friend and let her know also. She is currently pregnant and I am very happy for her . I did find out she is having a girl and her daughter will be born the same month I was . I woke from that dream feeling very happy , as if I needed it .

Gemma Hamilton - April 14, 2020

Hi Carol

Thank you for your interpretations. I had a very strange dream about a talking bluebird last night. (He had a posh English accent ?) He was trapped inside, he had flown through a broken glass window. He told me he was sad as he was trapped so I asked if he would like some help to go free. He said ‘yes, that would be lovely, thank you very much‘ and then he climbed onto my arm and I took him to the open window and I watched him fly away into the garden. The overall feeling was nice.
I’m currently nearing the end of a divorce, (long and painful) so I was staying with friends, one who I became slightly romantically involved with but it then got too intense so I have just returned to live at home (with my ex.)

Any interpretation or suggestions welcome!

Many thanks

Matthew McLaughlin - March 28, 2020

I had a dream that blue parakeet took off and brought back a lot of blue parakeet friends. None of them landed on me, they just landed on the cage and stared at me.

    Carol Chapman - April 1, 2020

    Thanks for the dream, Matthew! Great dream, likely about socializing, since parakeets are not only very vocal, but also hang around it big groups and love to communicate with each other. Because they’re blue, your dream is about the truth. My guess that the reason they sat on the cage and stared at you is because of what we’re going through right now with the pandemic–staying separate from other other. You probably miss social interaction and might feel a bit caged in.

Julie Rehnelt - March 3, 2020

Hi Carol, I stumbled upon this post as I was looking up the meaning of dreaming of bluebirds. I had a dream last night of a massive flock of bluebirds swirling in the skies. In the dream I was in such awe because I had never seen that many bluebirds before. I remember thinking ‘Oh no I don’t have any bluebird houses set out yet and I want some to nest here.’ I was with my ex husband at our last home where we lived. My ex and I do not have a good post-divorce relationship, he despises me actually. I he is in a lot of my dreams- good and bad, and lots of times I’ll remember in my dream that we are divorced and then I realize it’s a dream and wake up. I don’t really think him being in this one is necessarily significant though, but I don’t know. The reason the dream strikes me so much is because I have many difficult things going on in my life right now. One being that my elderly mom (whom I live with) just had cancer surgery last week and we got the path results back last evening that they didn’t get it all so she will need another, more extensive procedure. It made both of us feel sick inside and filled with dread – almost worse than hearing it in the first place. Anyways, thanks for putting this article out on the web. I’m going to take this dreaming of a massive flock of flying bluebirds as a good sign. One other thing was that after the flock of bluebirds moved on, a huge flock of sandpipers came. We had nesting sandpipers when my ex and I lived on that land, so that may have been why they were there.

Mike - February 28, 2020

I had a wonderful dream last night that when I walked out a door there was a bluebird standing on the ground in front of me. There was a lady standing there and I said “look a bluebird isn’t that beautiful?” I turned to my right and began to all away. As I did the bluebird fluttered by my ear and landed on my left shoulder . The lady followed me and when I stopped th bluebird nuzzled and rubbed his face on my cheek. I leaned my head towards it and he did it again. The lady was standing to my left on the other side of the bluebird. I woke up with her looking nag at me as the bluebird rubbed my cheek again. It was one of the best dreams I ever had.! What do you think it means?

Cynthia Guerrero - February 24, 2020

In my dream there was a beautiful blue bird but it looked painted and it had a hat on similar to the one in Tom Sawyer. I was letting the bird when a cat came up and started rubbing herself on my leg trying to get me to let her. I think she was black. As I was there petting the bird and the cat a small mouse and a smaller mouse came running toward us. Then someone woke me from the dream. It’s the first dream I’ve remember having in a long time.

    Carol Chapman - February 25, 2020

    Hi Cynthia, Thanks for your interesting dream. Do you have psychic or intuitive abilities? A beautiful blue bird symbolizes spiritual truths. The Tom Sawyer hat, which is a humble straw hat, shows you have humble thoughts about yourself. Now, in the dream, you are petting both the blue bird and the black cat. Wow! Two symbols of psychic or inituitive abilities. The bird–high spiritual beliefs, the black cat, a fear of misuse of the “dark arts.” In my opinion, the mouse and the smaller mouse hold the keys to understanding your dream, since mice are small, little creatures and can symbolize having a low opinion of yourself. What an interesting dream to remember after not remembering having a dream for a long time. I’d say the dream is telling you to have a better opinion of your intuitive abilities and to become more comfortable with them. Afterall, your dream cat, even if it is a black cat, is a loving cat. It doesn’t eat the bird or the mouse or hurt you in anyway. It only wants your attention and your loving. So, relax about expressing your interests in ancient earth sciences. There is room in your life for expression of both the spiritual and also the practical application of your abilities. Also, dreams, such as this one, can be an expression of intuitive or psychic abilities. Some part of you yearns for including more of your intuitive abilities in your life. Try keeping a notebook and pen by your bed and asking to remember your dreams before you go to bed. Then, when you wake up with a dream, write it down before you forget it.

Nicole Chapman - February 14, 2020

Ok… so I had a weird dream last night! At some point in the dream my daughter and I were in some sort of laboratory where there were alot of animals, she found a pretty bluebird and took it home with us. Later in the dream, I open the freezer and the bird was in there. He was still alive and lively, but covered in ice. I took him out and started petting him, trying to warm him up and get the ice off. He was so friendly and running his head on me. I asked my daughter where in the lab she had found him, because this bird was so friendly i was sure he must belong to someone else.

    Carol Chapman - February 25, 2020

    Hi Nichole, Great dream! Thanks for sharing it. Do you want to know what I think it’s about? Almost always, ice in a dream means fear. Plus, the blue bird, almost always symbolizes something positive and, since it’s blue, the truth. And, this dream seems to be about your relationship with your daughter or about your daughter. Since the bluebird is rubbing its head on you, I would think this represents your fearful thoughts about your daughter. Plus, because there’s a laboratory, these are fears you’ve created yourself. Since, in the dream, you believe the bird must belong to someone else since it’s so friendly, could you fear that your daughter doesn’t have friendly feelings toward you? If so, the dream seems to be saying that your fears are unfounded and without basis. Anyway, that’s what it would mean if it was my dream. What do you think? Does it resonate with you and your recent experiences with your daughter?

Connor - February 12, 2020

So last night I had a dream about a bluebird. In the dream my mom called me into her bedroom because there was a blue bird that had gotten in. The bird was sitting up high so I climbed up to get it. The bird didn’t resist me. It let me pick it up, carry it outside and set it free. That’s the whole dream.

The next day (today) my mom was in bed with a migraine. She called for me and I came. On the back deck was a flock of bluebirds. They were landing on the windows, looking inside and drinking the melted snow on the deck.

Makes you wonder 🙂

    Carol Chapman - February 25, 2020

    Hi Connor, How interesting!!! What a great story! It does make you wonder, especially since dreaming about a blue bird often symbolizes spiritual truths, in your dreams especially, since the bird was sitting high up. I also like how you didn’t covet the bird, but set it free. As a result, the bird can fly even higher–again, your own high ideals in life. This is also an example of a psychic dream. In effect, your dream predicted the bluebirds in your yard. Wonderful!

Frank - October 30, 2019

I am writing because my dream was very strange.
1st thing, idreamed talking in English , and I am Italian.
In my dream I was helping this old guy to his farm, and on the top of this long long stairs , I saw this little young blue ring neck calling my attention.
I have asked to this old guy if I could keep this little bird with me and he said yes.
Once I went up stairs , I could not see this bird anywhere.
I have passed my whole dream looking for it.
I remeber that was full of little chick and colourfully parrots, but not!
I was looking for it.
In a moment I have finally found this young bird with super beautiful eyes watching me with other 3 little chics.
He was in love for me like I was for him.
I took him and ran back home giving him a beautiful environment.
In a moment this old guy came toy house bling me that I have stolen this young kid and the little 3 chicks.
We had an argument but i have left those 3 chics in the bag where I have found him.
He said that he was not ready to let him go and he wanted him back.
The dream finished like that!

Karen - October 1, 2019

I had a dream about a blue bird yesterday night and it was just flying around and it let me catch it to help it because it was hurt. And that’s all I really remember

Melissa Greico - August 23, 2019

Hi Carol, last night I dreamed I was in a very ugly, broken down house. My two month daughter was with me (sitting in her car seat. We walked into a very cruddy bedroom. The conditions were deplorable. Inside there were puppies and poop all over the floor. Two blue birds appeared. One bird pooped on my daughter . They were both sitting on the floor while I had the tiniest puppy in my ha nd. One bird flew off in the room some where and I tried to find it but I stepped on some dog poop. I then realized I dropped my daughter’s receiving blanket on the floor and was pretty disgusted by it falling on the floor. Suddenly my estranged uncle appeared and I handed him the blanket and asked him to wash it. I woke up.

Katrina - July 29, 2019

This page called to me while in the process of trying to interpret a recurring dream I have been having. I hope you can help shine some light on my confusion… I recently got out of a really terrible and emotionally, mentally abusive relationship and landed back at my mother’s house. Which would probably be super healing/comforting if my mom and I had a healthy relationship… we don’t.
My dream takes place in her back yard and I am outside in the sunshine and every time, i am visited by an array of various blue birds; blue jays- very majestic and some that almost seem cartoon in comparison/contrast to the larger blue jays. Every dream brings more birds. Once there were only a few. And every dream leading up to my most recent- more join. I am surrounded by them and many perch on my arms and head. It feels very comforting. The wild part is that every time i have this dream, i am visited by an actual blue jay outside the window where I water my plants or out back where I meditate. What can this possibly be telling me? I never believed in coincidences. Hoping to hear back, thank you for helping us discover deep subconscious aspects of ourselves- your gift is wonderful!

Sydney - July 21, 2019

I didn’t really have a great dream last night involving a small round blue bird. From what I remember, the bluebird was being chased by a giant centipede to be eaten, the centipede caught up and I had a question within myself if I should try to save the bird or let nature happen. I chose to save the bird because I couldn’t let that happen in front of me and killed the centipede by crushing it under a leg of a chair. I think I held the bluebird in my hand afterwards, though I’m not sure if they survived. I remember both the blue bird dying and I thought it was because I wasn’t careful enough with the chair, and also the bluebird living. I think both things happened in my dream but I can’t be too sure. It’s kind of a paradox, I think I felt so sad about killing the bird that my dream was changed a bit at the end so the bird survived? I’m not sure. There was more that happened after that part of the dream but it doesn’t have to do with the blue bird, just the centipede. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions about what this dream meant! Thank you.

Debbie - May 16, 2019

My dream was that a bluebird kept wanting to nestle in my neck/hair area. I felt that it loved me and wanted to just be near me.

    Carol Chapman - July 8, 2019

    Hi Debbie, great dream for showing the inherent nature of a bluebird symbol, which often has to do with love and happiness. With it nestled in your neck/hair area, it would mean to me that I had truthful (the blue bird), loving (your feelings in the dream), thoughts (your hair–hair often symbolize thoughts in dreams, since it comes out of your head). Anyway, it’d be a really happy, hopeful dream if I had it. Thanks for posting it.

Seana39 - May 6, 2019

I saw bluebirds hatching in my dream and a Robin mother. This is not the first time I have saw bluebirds

Emilio Leiva - March 23, 2019

I had a dream where in my room there was a trapped bird. This bird was small with bright blue colors but under its wings the feather was yellow. I saw itbperched on my bedroom door and slowly flapped its wings and then it stopped. After a while the bird flew to the wall slowly in a way i could clearly see how it looks. The bird didnt chirp or do anything else. Before sleeping i was thinking about this girl I really liked. I have trouble finding a girl i really luked because it usually ends up emotianlly bad even when i havent dated them. I never had a girlfriend and that one girl i really liked recently started dating one of my friends i detest for being shy and dumb

    Carol Chapman - June 15, 2019

    Hi Emilio, This is a great dream, because it really expresses your feelings of missing opportunities–that the bird is trapped and can’t fly out of the room. Likely, the yellow under it wings represents your belief that you have been “yellow” or afraid or cowardly. However, it could also be that be that, since many varieties of male bluebirds have bright yellow or orange feathers on their breasts and under their wings, your bluebird is specifically a male bluebird. The female has duller coloring–better camouflaged. If your subconscious chose the bluebird with yellow under the wings to denote that it’s definitely a male bird, then it emphasizes that this dream is about your feelings and actions about your role in male/female relationships.

    In any case, because your subconscious chose a beautiful bright blue-colored bird–it is a wonderful hopeful symbol! It can still fly, you just need to let it out of your room to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. It’s also blue, which often means “true blue” or the truth. Birds also remind us of our spiritual nature, in other words, you can always draw on our spiritual beliefs and practices to gain courage. So, if it were my dream, it’d be telling me that this is the truth: in spite of my fears and my shyness, I do have the ability to reach heights (flying), and to find joy.

    There will be another girl that you like. Remember your lovely male bluebird when you’re feeling shy about approaching her.

Karen - September 29, 2018

I dreamt last night of a bluebird. It was dancing and chirping in an old or ancient stone font at the edge of a beach in Hawaii. Someone there said to go look at it, but I assumed it would fly off before I could get close enough to see it, so I continued what I was doing. But the someone insisted it was still there, so I turned and walked over and had a good, long look. The bird seemed to be chirping and dancing for me! As if saying, “I’m here, I’m here, I’m here!” I marveled at its fragile beauty, it’s soft blue with pale red and white feathers, and told the others
there (there was a child, too….me?) that it was my Grandma Ellen’s (long deceased) favorite bird.
I’m 56 and have been feeling very sad, empty, and alone in life. I have a wonderful career teaching, but I divorced 17 years ago after a 17 year marriage and two wonderful children. I had an abusive partner for 12 years and although proud of getting out of the relationship finally, I’m angry that it took 12 years … proud of myself, but disappointed in myself for not having been stronger. Now I have an ambiguous dating relationship. My husband never remarried, and we still see each other with are grown kids. At the bottom of my heart and back of my mind, I want to go “home” and reunite with him. But when in actual company, I feel a fear of being smothered and claustrophobic and stuck.
I’m trying to figure this out, because I want the remaining years I have to be joyful!!

    Carol Chapman - September 30, 2018

    Hi Karen, thanks for writing, and thanks especially for including information about your life at this time. To begin, in my opinion, because you’re dreaming about such a lovely bird, your dream is showing you there is happiness to be found in your life (in spite of your present life circumstances and your feelings of sadness, emptiness, and aloneness).

    Your dream bird turns up in an old or ancient place, which could emphasize that your problems are in the past.

    In the dream, you think the bird will fly off (your happiness will fly away), but, not only does the bird not fly away, but you realize that the bird is dancing and chirping just for you. In other words, the happiness is there for you. This is emphasized in your description of the dream when you say that it’s as if the bird is saying, “I’m here, I’m here, I’m here!” It’s almost as if you don’t believe happiness would be there for you, but the dream emphasizes, “Look for it. It’s there, right now.”

    Plus, the bird is at a beach in Hawaii. I assume this location symbolizes joy for you. It sure does for me. In any case, a dream symbol like this, coupled with the bluebird, emphasizes the happiness available to you. It could also mean that you’ll find happiness in Hawaii at the beach. However, dreams are usually symbolic. Nonetheless, since it appeared in your dream, the beach in Hawaii may also point to something real.

    I believe your Grandma Ellen is a clue to finding your happiness, since, in the dream, you say that the bluebird was her favorite bird. What was she like? Would some of her qualities help you to find happiness in your present circumstances? Did she have a particular saying or a certain view of life that would help you now?

    Do you believe in an afterlife? Are you willing to consider that your dream is telling you that your Grandma Ellen is helping you out from the Beyond?

    By the way, I believe our dreams help us to make a better life for us. Therefore, perhaps, based on the message in your dream, you don’t need to work so hard to “figure out” how to make your remaining years more joyful. I know what it’s like to look back at your life and see the mistakes you’ve made. However, maybe, if you acknowledge the happiness there is in your life day-by-day, as time goes by, opportunities for more joy will come along. Your dream seems to be saying it’s available for you and easier than you think. It’s a lovely dream and full of hope. If it were my dream, I’d feel encouraged.

Marcie - August 18, 2016

I had a dream about two blue birds (actual bluebirds – not a blue jay or robin) landed on the side of my house, outside my window and almost within my reach. In my dream they meant happiness and I remember telling a woman with me that the message was for her and believing it meant babies for her. Minutes later she was killed.

After waking, I researched and thought it meant something different. I have this feeling that maybe the happiness they represent to me is just outside of my reach and the fact that there were two meant for me and my young male friend (only friend). He has been seriuosly struggling and his health and financial conditions have drained me to the point of near desperation. I’m hoping that the birds are telling me this is the end of this trying time and that happiness is now within our reach. Please tell me if you believe something different.

I really don’t understand about the woman dying. Somehow I’m thinking now that she represented me somehow. If so, does that mean I have lost all hope?

    carolchapman - August 21, 2016

    Hi Marcie, Thanks for posting your dream. Thanks, especially, for describing the difficult situation in your waking life and the research you’ve been doing to understand this dream. It makes sense to me that the bluebirds represent happiness. There are so many Bluebird of Happiness poems online. Bluebirds must be a universal symbol of happiness to many. However, the bluebirds, and the happiness they symbolize, are not in the room with you, but, as you say, they are out of reach. Nonetheless, they are close. Now, for the most challenging part of your dream: that this woman with you is killed. I assume this woman is not someone you know. Therefore, she likely symbolizes an unknown part of you, and you did say, that it feels as if she represents you. So, let’s look at this symbol of being killed in a dream. On the one hand, you are in a situation that, as I understand it, feels so intolerably desperate that, on a psychological level, it could feel as if, as the saying goes, “It’s killing me.” And, since it sounds as if you’re under so much stress, on a physical level, the situation could potentially affect your health. However, your dream does contain a message of hope. In your dream, you say the message is for the woman and it means babies for her. Babies are usually a wonderfully uplifting symbol in a dream. They often mean a new beginning. Plus, you said the plural babies, just as there were two bluebirds. Lots of potential hope and happiness for you. However, babies need a lot of care. Could it mean the dream is telling you to take really good care of yourself, because this unknown/undiscovered potential within you needs lots of nurturing? Anyway, that’s what it would mean to me if it was my dream.


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