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Dream interpretation is like solving a mystery.  

dream symbol is like a clue in a mystery.

The “red herring” or false clue is like the many possible interpretations of a dream.

Usually, a good rule to follow when doing dream interpretation is to remember that most of the dream symbols refer to the dreamer.

For example, if a scientist who studies arachnids has a spider dream, it would most likely refer to his or her research . . . and may even provide a wonderful solution to a problem under investigation.

The dream interpretation for a person with a pet tarantula, if they have a spider dream, may be that their pet needs feeding or other care.

In the same way, the spider dream of a person wilderness camping in the southwestern desert, an area where they are likely tarantulas, black widow spiders, and brown recluse spiders, can mean something very different than the spider dream of a person living in a high rise apartment in the middle of Manhattan.

Therefore, one of the steps in solving a dream interpretation mystery is to investigate the suspect or the dreamer.

Happy dreams,

Carol Chapman

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Spider Dream

A spider dream is a relatively common symbol. Here are some typical symbols and their meanings of a certain kind of spider dream: 

Huge frightening wolf spider–frightening dreams usually serve as a warning, a wake-up call

Spider on a dinner plate–Food eaten

Often a spider in your dream symbolizes something you’re doing to yourself that causes you distress. You’re caught in this behavior the same way you’d be caught in a spider web.

Often the other symbols in the dream point to the behavior that is causing you the problems. Usually, the behavior has to do with something you shouldn’t be eating.

You might be allergic to the food or it might be hard for you to digest. Or, you could be eating too late at night to digest your food properly. Basically, many times a spider dream has to do with a behavior you can change like avoiding a certain food or drink.

Take care and keep well,

Carol Chapman

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Dream Interpretation Spiritual

 Every once in a while, you will have a wonderful dream when a great spiritual leader appears. He or she may give you a gift or tell you something to bolster your self-worth or sing or in some other way bless you.

At these times, it is a good idea to look back over the previous day and examine what you were doing, what you were thinking, what you were planning, because likely something in your behavior the day before the dream . . . and especially right before you went to bed . . . has resonated with your soul purpose and prompted your spirit to acknowledge this and encourage you to continue in the same direction.


Carol Chapman

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Dream Interpretation: Need to Follow Up

If you purposefully ask for direction from your dream “incubate a dream” as I suggested yesterday and you get a great dream full of helpful suggestions, you need to follow up immediately-assuming that to do so you won’t hurt yourself or someone else.

Otherwise, your unconscious or your soul-whatever you want to call it-won’t think you’re serious about working with it and it won’t give you information so easily the next night.

To your success & happiness,

Carol Chapman

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Dream Interpretation: How to Get Help from a Dream

 You can get help from a dream. All you have to do is to think about your problem, interest, or concern as you fall asleep.

For example, in yesterday’s post, I shared a dream about my writing. I had “incubated” that dream by holding the manuscript in my hands and reading through the areas I wanted to work on the next day just before I turned the light off in bed.

In this way, I was thinking about the manuscript as I fell asleep. It is similar to setting a compass heading or choosing a direction.

If you keep a question, concern, or interest in your mind as you’re falling asleep, you may get answers the next day.

Wishing you an answer in a dream,

Carol Chapman

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Dream Interpretation


Meaning of Dream:

Sitting on convertible: Sitting on something that can be changed

Convertible top needs to close: Need to close something

Being interrogated, fear I will say too much: Need to say less

Writer friend: This is about my writing, the book I’m just finishing

At a make up class: make something up: fiction

Not interested in make up class: Stick to the facts, don’t writing something that isn’t interesting

Dream interpretation: (I’m just finishing revising Blessed. Before bed, looking over the last chapter.) I need to close the book, finish it, say less, and, in finishing it, stick to the facts, and only include what is interesting to my audience.

To your dream success,

Carol Chapman

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Incubating a Dream on Blogging

You aren’t going to believe this! It’s 5 in the morning and I’m up writing in my blog—because I just had a dream telling me to!

Yesterday, I attended my Edgar Cayce Search for God Study Group meeting. We often help each other with interpreting our dreams. I brought a two-word dream. It had awoken me in the night about a week ago. I woke up and wrote down in a random page of my dream journal, without turning on the light, the words: “Desmond Outside.” Strange kind of dream, don’t you think?

So, the discussion went like this: “Do you know a Desmond?”

“Yeah, sure, Desmond Morris, author of the Naked Ape. I wrote about him in When We Were Gods saying that I disagree with Desmond Morris. We are not only the result of evolution from an ape. We are also a soul.”

But then, why “Outside?”

The suggestion: Before bed, ask for the dream in different symbols. Anyway, it may be that the dream has nothing to do with Desmond Morris. Best to “incubate” a dream that will reveal the meaning of the first dream.

OK, so back to the dream last night. I dreamt about a little square that I need to write words in. But, in the dream, I’m afraid to write the words. And, I’m shown that I’ve written most of the words elsewhere so it will be easy to write these words.

I wake up in the night and, without turning on the light, open up my dream journal to a random page, and write the dream down getting a general idea of where on the page I’m writing from my nightlight.

I check the glow of my alarm clock and it says it’s 4 AM.

I try to go back to sleep, laying in bed thinking about the dream. The interpretation comes to me. The small square is my blog. And, I haven’t been writing in it for a while. And, I am afraid to write in it because I’m afraid I may be writing the wrong thing. I decide I need to write in my blog in the morning to honor my dream. OK, time to go back to sleep.

It doesn’t happen. Now, it’s 4:30 AM. I have a rule. If I’ve been lying in bed awake for 30 minutes or more, it’s time to get up and do something. This doesn’t happen often, but I find it’s a helpful rule instead of laying there doing nothing.

So, I turn on the light, and guess what? The random page on which I chose to write this dream incubated to explain “Desmond Outside,” is exactly on the page where I already wrote, “Desmond Outside.” In fact, I’ve written last night’s dream exactly on top of the words, “Desmond Outside.”

Somehow, my unconscious knew how to find that page in the dark and also to write on top of the words to show me without a doubt, this is the interpretation of “Desmond Outside.” Although I don’t get the connection, that’s what I’ve done to honor my dream . . . I wrote in my blog . . . at 5 AM in the morning.

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The Lion and the Lamb

     Yesterday in this blog, I mentioned my luncheon with a Richmond, Virginia friend. We also discussed a dream she had. Because I’ve been keeping a dream journal for years . . . and also, because I met my husband first in a dream . . . I am always very interested in people’s dreams.
     This one’s a good one. She said that she had two cats. She leaves a couple of bowls of cat food out on her deck for them. In her dream, a full-grown sheep came up on her deck and began eating the cat food.
     Since “the dream is about the dreamer” usually I asked her what she thought the dream was about. She replied that the first thing that came to her mind was Christ’s request “feed my sheep.”
     I agreed that if it had been my dream, I would have thought the same. Then, since the way you feel about your dream or the way you feel in your dream is important to its understanding, I asked her how she felt about it.
     She said that she felt it was pretty unusual since she lives in the country and is used to a possum or a raccoon coming up on the deck to eat cat food. She’s also seen deer in her yard. But never a sheep.
     This made me think for a little while. Then I said that I liked her dream because it showed me how something could be possible. The Bible says that there will come a time when the lion lays down with the lamb.
     I never saw how that could be possible since a lion would surely devour a lamb. That is, not until her dream. Now, I see that if the lion is a domestic cat and the lamb is a full-grown sheep, the lamb will have nothing to fear.
     Whether this is the correct interpretation of her dream or not, I like the idea of seeing the possibility of the lion laying down with the lamb.
Carol Chapman
© 2007 Carol Chapman

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Your Own Personal Spiritual Life Coach

     When people discover that I first met my husband in a dream—he is literally the man of my dreams—they want to know, “How did you do that? Can I do it too?”

     When they read my first book, When We Were Gods, or attend one of my seminars, or hear me interviewed on talk radio, they ask, “Were you doing something special to make that happen?”

     Of course I was doing something special beforehand. I’ve been keeping a dream journal for years. And, I was doing a lot more than working with my dreams.

     I’ve been living a life of unfolding intimacy with my soul. For years, I have integrated short routines into my everyday life that let spirit know I want its guidance.

     People say to me, “Tell us what you do.”  So, in answer to their requests, I’ve been working on my next book, tentatively entitled, Your Own Personal Spiritual Life Coach. It describes the little things I do to help me understand my dreams, remember past lives, and know some things ahead of time.



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