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Dream Interpretation: Unable to Move

Another common dream, one of those you can’t forget: You’ve got to get away, you’re trying to run, but you’re simply unable to move.

According to Gillian Holloway, Ph.D., author of The Complete Dream Book, a dream in which you unable to move often signifies a situation in your life in which you feel pressured but just can’t take action. For example, you’re very unhappy in a relationship but are afraid of leaving for fear of hurting the other person or you need to assert yourself with an authority figure, perhaps your boss, but feel afraid that if you do so, you’ll lose your job.

She suggests that the way to overcome the dilemma is to find  something you can do that is not as drastic as the action you fear. You need to take some kind of action. Is there something less drastic than, for example, leaving your partner or telling off your boss. Could you instead make some friends outside the relationship? Could you talk with someone you trust about your work situation and ask for advice?

She suggests you compromise with your internal expectations and therefore, discover a way of taking action.

I hope this you’ll find this helpful for the next time you encounter that scary dream that sends you looking for: Dream Interpretation: Unable to Move.

Carol Chapman

By the way, for an interesting story about the power of a dream, you might enjoy my book When We Were Gods. In it I recount how my life totally changed when I dreamt about a stranger and saw him the next day in real life. He ended up being my husband, and we’ve been married for 20 years now. He is literally the “Man of my Dreams.”This dream started a series of circumstances, because after we married, I became pregnant, miscarried, and started gaining weight at a phenomenal rate. I went to a hypnotherapist to lose weight. When she put me in deep hypnosis, I not only connected with previous lifetimes that contributed to my present problems with overweight, but also the fabulous world of Atlantis.

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Dream Interpretation: Naked in Public

This is another common dream in the “Dreams You Can’t Forget” chapter of Gillian Holloway Ph.D.’s The Complete Dream Book. Evidently many people dream, at some time in their life, that they are naked in public. However, although the dreamer feels uncomfortable, no one else in the dreams seems to notice them.

According to Holloway, these dreams likely occur after a change in the circumstances of our life. Often the change is a step up in or an improvement in our lives. We receive a promotion, our business flourishes, the love of a lifetime arrives, we are sought out publicly and honored.

We have this dream because we are adjusting to our new circumstances and feel exposed because we are not yet comfortable with our improved status. However, because no one else notices our nakedness in the dream, we are assured that in time, we too will become comfortable with the change in our life.

Carol Chapman

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Dream Interpretation: "Unprepared for Exam"

Another summary from Gillian Holloway, Ph.D.’s excellent The Complete Dream Book: Discover What Your dreams Reveal about You and Your Life, this one, another of the “Dreams You Can’t Forget” on the “Unprepared for the Exam” dream.

Holloway says that many people experience the dream scenario where the dreamer finds him or herself about to take an exam in high school or college, but that the dreamer suddenly realizes that he or she totally forgot they had registered for the class, did not attend a single class, and is absolutely unprepared for the exam.

Paradoxically, this type of dream usually comes to people who are great achievers in life, rarely proceed without being thoroughly prepared, and seldom experience failure. In fact, she calls it the “Over-achiever’s Nightmare.”

Therefore, this dream is not warning the dream about an impending failure. It usually comes at a time when the dream has taken on more than the dreamer can manage without putting him or herself under a lot of internal pressure.

The author suggests that since the dreamer is the type of person who has such high standards, it will likely not even be noticed if the dreamer reduces the self-imposed high standards of excellence. The dream often results during a temporary time of increased workload, heightened responsibilities, or imminent promotion.

 Carol Chapman

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"End of World" Dream Interpretation

With all this talk about 2012 and predictions of the end of the world , I was delighted to find The Complete Dream Book: Discover What Your Dreams Reveal About You and Your Life, which has a dream interpretation for “The End of the World” dreams.

Just in case you’ve recently had an end of the world dream and fear it may be a true prophecy, let me assure you that, according to author  Gillian Holloway, Ph. D., end of the world dreams are quite common.

In her chapter, “The Dream You Can’t Forget,” she lists “The End of the World” dreams with such common dreams as, “The Phone Won’t Work,” “Being Chased,” “Unable to Move,” “Naked in Public,” and “Not Enough Credits to Graduate.”

She says that “The End of the World” dream usually occurs at the end of an epic in our lives, such as when a spouse or parent dies. Even when the change is not momentous, this dream signifies that at a very deep level, the dreamer is undergoing a profound grieving process.

She suggests the dreamer be gentle, patient, and tender with him- or herself. It would be helpful to find supportive companions, comforting activities, nurturing food, and good restAllow time to heal the loss. Inevitably, a new beginning will surface

Carol Chapman

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Dream interpretation is like solving a mystery.  

dream symbol is like a clue in a mystery.

The “red herring” or false clue is like the many possible interpretations of a dream.

Usually, a good rule to follow when doing dream interpretation is to remember that most of the dream symbols refer to the dreamer.

For example, if a scientist who studies arachnids has a spider dream, it would most likely refer to his or her research . . . and may even provide a wonderful solution to a problem under investigation.

The dream interpretation for a person with a pet tarantula, if they have a spider dream, may be that their pet needs feeding or other care.

In the same way, the spider dream of a person wilderness camping in the southwestern desert, an area where they are likely tarantulas, black widow spiders, and brown recluse spiders, can mean something very different than the spider dream of a person living in a high rise apartment in the middle of Manhattan.

Therefore, one of the steps in solving a dream interpretation mystery is to investigate the suspect or the dreamer.

Happy dreams,

Carol Chapman

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Spider Dream

A spider dream is a relatively common symbol. Here are some typical symbols and their meanings of a certain kind of spider dream: 

Huge frightening wolf spider–frightening dreams usually serve as a warning, a wake-up call

Spider on a dinner plate–Food eaten

Often a spider in your dream symbolizes something you’re doing to yourself that causes you distress. You’re caught in this behavior the same way you’d be caught in a spider web.

Often the other symbols in the dream point to the behavior that is causing you the problems. Usually, the behavior has to do with something you shouldn’t be eating.

You might be allergic to the food or it might be hard for you to digest. Or, you could be eating too late at night to digest your food properly. Basically, many times a spider dream has to do with a behavior you can change like avoiding a certain food or drink.

Take care and keep well,

Carol Chapman

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Dream Interpretation Spiritual

 Every once in a while, you will have a wonderful dream when a great spiritual leader appears. He or she may give you a gift or tell you something to bolster your self-worth or sing or in some other way bless you.

At these times, it is a good idea to look back over the previous day and examine what you were doing, what you were thinking, what you were planning, because likely something in your behavior the day before the dream . . . and especially right before you went to bed . . . has resonated with your soul purpose and prompted your spirit to acknowledge this and encourage you to continue in the same direction.


Carol Chapman

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Dream Interpretation: Need to Follow Up

If you purposefully ask for direction from your dream “incubate a dream” as I suggested yesterday and you get a great dream full of helpful suggestions, you need to follow up immediately-assuming that to do so you won’t hurt yourself or someone else.

Otherwise, your unconscious or your soul-whatever you want to call it-won’t think you’re serious about working with it and it won’t give you information so easily the next night.

To your success & happiness,

Carol Chapman

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Dream Interpretation: How to Get Help from a Dream

 You can get help from a dream. All you have to do is to think about your problem, interest, or concern as you fall asleep.

For example, in yesterday’s post, I shared a dream about my writing. I had “incubated” that dream by holding the manuscript in my hands and reading through the areas I wanted to work on the next day just before I turned the light off in bed.

In this way, I was thinking about the manuscript as I fell asleep. It is similar to setting a compass heading or choosing a direction.

If you keep a question, concern, or interest in your mind as you’re falling asleep, you may get answers the next day.

Wishing you an answer in a dream,

Carol Chapman

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Dream Interpretation


Meaning of Dream:

Sitting on convertible: Sitting on something that can be changed

Convertible top needs to close: Need to close something

Being interrogated, fear I will say too much: Need to say less

Writer friend: This is about my writing, the book I’m just finishing

At a make up class: make something up: fiction

Not interested in make up class: Stick to the facts, don’t writing something that isn’t interesting

Dream interpretation: (I’m just finishing revising Blessed. Before bed, looking over the last chapter.) I need to close the book, finish it, say less, and, in finishing it, stick to the facts, and only include what is interesting to my audience.

To your dream success,

Carol Chapman

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