Virgin Mary

Working on the “New, Updated, Revision” of Blessed: A Quest for Atlantis in Egypt Leads to Apparitions of the Virgin Mary.  Finally, the last chapter is coming together: the whole relationship between Mary and the winged serpents painted on the walls of the pharaoh’s tombs. It helped so much to see things from the point of view of Mary and Jesus being twin souls.

Carol Chapman

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Edgar Cayce

“Divine in Nature: with Quotes from Edgar Cayce” 2008 Calendar

Today, I’m working on the bonus gifts associated with the Edgar Cayce calendar. I’ve taken the photographs in the calendar and added the inspiring quotes from Edgar Cayce on seeing the divine in nature to make beautiful inspirational images that can be used for computer wallpaper

Here’s an example:

6 Jun Fuchsia 3W for Blog

 This is the image that’s on my computer now. The gifts will soon be available on my gift site at

Carol Chapman

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Edith Piaf Movie

La Vie en Rose

Just saw La Vie en Rose. Magnificent. But also so tragic.  

It made me think about the many tragic events in all of our lives–the sudden death of a lover, the abandonment of her mother, being wrenched from the woman who loved and cared for her while her blindness cleared.

It also made me think of the absolute tenacity of spirit.

Carol Chapman

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Last two days of an old moon

Have you ever noticed that on the last two days of an old moon you have very little energy and get frustrated easily?

I don’t know where I saw this originally, but I have noticed that it seems to be so.

SomewhereI learned that you start projects on the new moon.

From the full moon to the end of that moon, you finish projects if you can. And, if you don’t manage to finish a project by the end of the old moon, it will likely take until the end of the next moon time to finish it.

We are in the last two days of an old moon and I’ve heard from numerous people who are tired, frustrated, ready to give up on projects, and worn out.

The best thing to do on the last two days of an old moon is to plan what you’re going to do the next moon. There is energy for that.

Good luck,

Carol Chapman

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Dream interpretation is like solving a mystery.  

dream symbol is like a clue in a mystery.

The “red herring” or false clue is like the many possible interpretations of a dream.

Usually, a good rule to follow when doing dream interpretation is to remember that most of the dream symbols refer to the dreamer.

For example, if a scientist who studies arachnids has a spider dream, it would most likely refer to his or her research . . . and may even provide a wonderful solution to a problem under investigation.

The dream interpretation for a person with a pet tarantula, if they have a spider dream, may be that their pet needs feeding or other care.

In the same way, the spider dream of a person wilderness camping in the southwestern desert, an area where they are likely tarantulas, black widow spiders, and brown recluse spiders, can mean something very different than the spider dream of a person living in a high rise apartment in the middle of Manhattan.

Therefore, one of the steps in solving a dream interpretation mystery is to investigate the suspect or the dreamer.

Happy dreams,

Carol Chapman

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Spider Dream

A spider dream is a relatively common symbol. Here are some typical symbols and their meanings of a certain kind of spider dream: 

Huge frightening wolf spider–frightening dreams usually serve as a warning, a wake-up call

Spider on a dinner plate–Food eaten

Often a spider in your dream symbolizes something you’re doing to yourself that causes you distress. You’re caught in this behavior the same way you’d be caught in a spider web.

Often the other symbols in the dream point to the behavior that is causing you the problems. Usually, the behavior has to do with something you shouldn’t be eating.

You might be allergic to the food or it might be hard for you to digest. Or, you could be eating too late at night to digest your food properly. Basically, many times a spider dream has to do with a behavior you can change like avoiding a certain food or drink.

Take care and keep well,

Carol Chapman

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Dream Interpretation Spiritual

 Every once in a while, you will have a wonderful dream when a great spiritual leader appears. He or she may give you a gift or tell you something to bolster your self-worth or sing or in some other way bless you.

At these times, it is a good idea to look back over the previous day and examine what you were doing, what you were thinking, what you were planning, because likely something in your behavior the day before the dream . . . and especially right before you went to bed . . . has resonated with your soul purpose and prompted your spirit to acknowledge this and encourage you to continue in the same direction.


Carol Chapman

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Virgin Mary: the Immaculate Conception

If, as I’ve asserted in the last two posts, immaculate conception is a natural law, does it exist in humans?

Since Cayce’s 1937 trance reading was correct about immaculate conception being a natural law, let’s look at his reading on immaculate conception in humans. Specifically, was Jesus actually immaculately conceived? And, for that matter, was his mother, Mary?

According to trance reading 5749-8, “Neither Mary nor Jesus had a human father.

In reading 5749-7, he also says that in the Biblical story, Enoch and Melchizedek were also conceived without a human father.    So, there you have it.

To your success and happiness,

Carol Chapman

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Edgar Cayce Prediction: Immaculate Conception

A September 25, 2002 online National Geographic article at:

says that “A female white spotted bamboo shark at the Belle Isle Aquarium in Detroit surprised zookeepers in July by giving birth to two babies. Why the surprise? It was a virgin birth: She hadn’t been near a male for six years.”

The article goes on to say that:

“The births have raised questions among scientists as to whether sharks may be able to reproduce parthenogenetically, a mode of reproduction in which the egg is not fertilized. These so-called virgin births are common in invertebrates like snails, but are unusual in higher vertebrates.”

Again, I point out this article in support of Edgar Cayce’s trance reading which said, in 1937, that immaculate conception is a natural law.

Take care and keep well,

Carol Chapman

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Edgar Cayce Prediction: Immaculate Conception is Natural Law

In a June 27, 1937 trance reading given by the world’s best-documented psychic Edgar Cayce, the Virginia Beach “sleeping seer” said:

“It’s like many proclaiming today that the Master was immaculately conceived; they say “Impossible!” They say that it isn’t in compliance with the natural law. It IS a natural law . . .” (5749-8)*

It turns out that scientists are proving Cayce right. In December, 2006, a Komodo Dragon lizard, which grows to 10 feet or 3 meters in length conceived a clutch of eggs that hatched into four surviving babies. Scientists attest that she conceived her babies without a male.

In a December 21, 2006 TimesOnline article at 

Mark Henderson, Science Editor says:

“Parthenogenesis, which is derived from the Greek words for virgin birth, occurs when an egg spontaneously begins dividing as if it were an embryo, without being fertilised by sperm. It is known to have produced live young in about 70 vertebrate species, mostly reptiles and fish, and is thought to be encouraged when females are separated from males.”

Congratulations, Edgar, for another accurate psychic reading!

Carol Chapman

*  Edgar Cayce Readings (c) 1971, 1993-2007 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation

All Rights Reserved

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