Atlantis find touted as greatest discovery in world history

    “This is probably the greatest discovery in World history”, was stated by Maxine Asher, the co-director of a scientific expedition that found Atlantis at the bottom of the ocean, reported United Press International and major newspapers in the United States during the summer of 1973. UPI continued that “Maxine Asher said that scuba divers found data to prove the existence of the super-civilization which legend says sank beneath the sea thousands of years ago”.

So starts a long and comprehensive online article, Atlantis – Lost City of Atlantis real or just a fable? by a blogger who identifies himself as a male Gemini from Hyperabad, India.

I love articles such as this one because they show the many discoveries hailed as “Atlantis” over the years, this one in 1973. So far, unfortunately, none of the claims of “Atlantis found” has panned out to be the lost continent.

Still, a very interesting and comprehensive article including many references to Sitchin’s work about extra terrestrials creating and using humans.

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Carol Chapman

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