Woman Remembers Past Life as a Gay Man

Woman remembers past life as a gay man. Actually, it took two dreams and a lunchtime talk with a friend for me to realize what I’d remembered.

In this lifetime, as a heterosexual woman, I readily accepted that I could be a man in a past life. However, it didn’t occur to me that I had had a same sex relationship with this man I loved so deeply in the dream. I assumed he must be my brother.

Interestingly, most people believe they need to go to a hypnotherapist to remember their past lives. However, you may also dream about previous lifetimes. I feel grateful that I had this past life memory, which also included a storm and adventure on the high seas! We were sailors!

TIME STAMPS for the Video: Woman Remembers Past Life as a Gay Man

00:00 Woman remembers past life as a gay man in her dreams.

03:46 Dreams can be on many levels. In this case, I also experienced a regular, symbolic dream in the middle of this past life memory.

07:51 My second past life dream about this man I’d loved so much.

11:11 It didn’t occur to me that we were in a same sex marriage until my boss talking about a book he read recently.

14:17 I feel very fortunate that I had this past life memory.


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