Why Is My Green Tea Bitter

Why is my green tea bitter, I wondered. It seemed that no matter what, whenever I made green tea, it turned out to taste bitter. And, my, oh my, was my green tea bitter! I felt really discouraged, since I grew up in Canada, where my family and our neighbors drank tea everyday. However, we drank black tea with milk and sugar. Surely, green tea wouldn’t be that much different to make than black tea, would it?

Well, it took a Chinese tea master to show me how to make my green tea taste fantastic. And, it is different from making black tea. Until he showed me how, I didn’t know the answer to my question: Why is my green tea bitter?  But, now I know how to brew green tea the right way, and I love how it tastes. I also don’t need to add sugar to make it palatable. The solution is really simple and easy. Take a look at the video below, where I’ll show you the secret to making delicious green tea and give you the answer to the question: Why is my green tea bitter.

Mr. Lee had a genuine Chinese tea shop in Richmond, B.C., Canada, a community that as a population that is almost 50% Asian. He also showed me the gongfu tea method of brewing green tea, in which a small clay teapot is used to brew the green tea, but then the tea is poured into another “pouring” teapot, from which the tea is poured into cups.

This Method of Making Tea Works with Both Green Tea Leaves and Green Tea Bags

Of course, if you’re wondering how to make green tea, you don’t have to use the gongfu or kong fu tea method. This method of making delicious green tea works whether you’re using green tea leaves or bags. It also works in whatever kind of cup you choose to use. In fact, this is how I make the best green tea even when I make it in a thermos with green tea bags.

Is Green Tea Nice?

Therefore, if you’re wondering, Is green tea nice? Well, it definitely is, as long as you know how to make green tea taste good.

I love green tea and drink it everyday.


The Chinese-sounding music at the end of the video is from the YouTube Audio Library. It’s by Doug Maxwell, and it’s called, Lao_Tzu_Ehru.

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