White Woman Remembers Past Life as an African

White Woman Remembers Past Life as an African. This turned out to be my sweetest past life memory. In it, I experienced a deep, abiding love from my husband. I also, inadvertently, had a proof of my past life memory when I went to Egypt in this lifetime.

In this video, you might be surprised to discover that one aspect of my African lifetime had to do with cannibalism. In addition, this past life occurred before Europeans arrived in Africa, which would have been before the 1400s. In Africa, we enjoyed vitality and healthy. In Europe, in the 1400s, they suffered with the Plague, also known as the Black Death.

TIME STAMPS for the Video: White Woman Remembers Past Life as an African

00:00 White woman remembers past life as an African
01:26 In this past life memory, I had been in a dugout canoe.
03:44 A young man out of this tribe who were hunting us sort of recognized me.
05:31 I had this memory when I went to a hypnotherapist to lose weight.
07:14 I also had the experience of my death in this past life memory.
16:40 A surprise conformation of my African past life memory when I traveled to Egypt.

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Great video! So fascinating!

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    So happy that you enjoyed the video!!! Yay!!! ???


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