Was It a Miraculous Healing from Mother Mary

Was it a miraculous healing from Mother Mary? At first, I thought it must be. But then, further research made me wonder if it really had been…or had not been…a miracle healing from Mary. So, let me tell you my divine healing testimony in the video below, and you can decide for yourself.

Was it a miracle healing from Mother MaryIn September 2000, I visited the Church of the Virgin Mary in Maadi, a suburb of Cairo, Egypt, and experienced a miracle healing there, or did I? I feel confused, because my healing involved something that should have made me sick, but didn’t.

As soon as I realized that I’d downed a cup of local water, I expected to become really sick to my stomach. But, my companion and I prayed to Mother Mary, and I didn’t get sick. So, did I receive a miraculous healing or was the local water safe to drink?

VIDEO TIMELINE of Was It a Miraculous Healing From Mother Mary

  • 0:00:36 Special church in Maadi, where Mary and Joseph brought the baby Jesus.
  • 0:01:18 So We went there at night.
  • 0:01:57 Our host asked me if I would like to have something from the concession stand.
  • 0:02:57 Peggy said, “Where did you get that soda
  • 0:03:20 I just drank about a cup of local water!” And Peggy said, “Pray!”
  • 0:04:41 I didn’t get sick. So I must have had a miraculous healing.
  • 0:05:04 “What’s the local water like?” She said, “Terrible.”
  • 0:05:36 Do you also send purified carbonated water?
  • 0:05:55 I did receive a miraculous healing. I was so grateful.
  • 0:06:10 Was the local tap water safe in Cairo in 2000?
  • 0:06:38 I do know that I am so happy that I was there. I am so happy
  • 0:07:10 What do you think? Did I have a miraculous healing or not?

Arrival of the Gods in Egypt by Carol Chapman

I went to Egypt to take photos of the paintings in the pharaohs’ tombs to show my idea that images in ancient ruins could explain the reality of life after death. Click on the image below to find my book, Arrival of the Gods in Egypt. A number of those photographs illustrated this book.

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