Twin Souls and Twin Flames

Here is an excerpt from an illuminating article posted on Indigo Orbit about the difference, if any, between twin souls and twin flames.

If you remember, in my book When We Were Gods, I describe my 40-day manifestation prayer in which I asked to find my twin soul. As a result of praying this 40-day prayer, I literally ran into the stranger I had encountered in my dream about a year earlier.

Twin flames—twin souls? Are they different? NO. They are one and the same thing. Saying one is different from the other is false. What you want to call a man and a woman who share one Higher Self and who generate violet flame heart energy is a matter of semantics. A rose by any other name, right? Don’t let people start playing games with your head about stuff like that. Someone’s always going to have some alternative take on some topic or other, and since twin flames are all the rage right now, people are trying their hand at the Aristotelian exercise of building a spiritual taxonomy of what is what.

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Speaking of dreams, the above article also explains that a twin ray is “your twin that you haven’t met in the 3D world that you meet in dreams.”

Carol Chapman

CarolChapman is an author and inspirational speaker. She speaks at weekend retreats,day-long events, and half-day programs. Her seminars are not onlyinformative and transformational but also fun and entertaining. They ofteninclude participatory workshops and visual aids, such as videos andphotographs. She specializes in dream interpretation, reincarnation, andAtlantis, and is the author of When WeWere Gods, Arrival of the Gods in Egypt, and Have Your Heart’s Desire.

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