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Speak and Sell Books CourseAuthors will love the Speak and Sell Books course, which you can find at this link (click). It consists of 14 online video modules that include a FREE BONUS MODULE: Handling the Fear of Public Speaking.

Come to think of it, even if you’re not an author, you’ll also benefit from the Speak and Sell Books course. Most of the modules show you how to speak in public. Plus, you’ll find modules specifically for authors, or anyone who wants to sell a product.

The Speak and Sell Books Course consists of 14 video modules on:

  • How to Simply and Easily Structure a Speech
  • How to Sell Books while Speaking
  • What to Expect on Speech Day
  • How to Create an Enticing Slide Presentation
  • How to Sell Books as part of your PowerPoint Slides
  • Where to Find Places to Speak
  • Pitfalls to Avoid during the Question/Answer Session
  • 3 Essential and 2 Optional Handouts
  • A Case Study
  • SPECIAL BONUS MODULE: Handling the Fear of Public Speaking

A Great Course for Newbies and also Experienced Speakers 

This is a great course. It will help you to get up and speak even if you’re scared silly at the thought of speaking in public and have no idea how to put together and deliver a live talk.

On the other hand, you may have experience as a speaker, but still find yourself scared silly when you get up and speak in public. The excellent way of structuring your speech, when you’re creating it, will help immensely to give you confidence when speaking. Plus, you’ll love the wisdom in the extra bonus module on Handling the Fear of Public Speaking.

If you have experience speaking, you will also benefit from the many public speaking tips, for example, how to avoid pitfalls during the Question/Answer session.


The Speak and Sell Books Course also gives you some free bonus features:

  • Downloadable MP3 audios that you can listen to whenever and wherever
  • Checklists of suggested procedures in the online video courses, such as questions to ask your organizers.
  • Templates to help you create items such as your bio, which will be used to introduce you when you speak


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Carol Chapman

Carol Chapman is an author, inspirational speaker, and the creator of the online course, "Speak and Sell Books." As a speaker, she talks at weekend retreats, day-long events, and half-day programs. Her seminars are not only informative and transformational but also fun and entertaining. They often include participatory workshops and visual aids, such as videos and photographs. She specializes in dream interpretation, reincarnation, and Atlantis, and how to sell books while speaking. Formerly a photojournalist under contract to NASA, her photographs have appeared in magazines and newspapers throughout the world. She is the author of When We Were Gods, Arrival of the Gods in Egypt, Have Your Heart’s Desire, and the forthcoming Kindle series, "Public Speaking Tips for Authors."

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