Making Love to Someone Dream

What does a Making Love to Someone Dream mean? If you have a love making dream does that mean you’re weird? Watch the video below to understand the meaning of sensuous, passionate, physical dreams.

Or, you might be interested in the original, longer version, which describes the typical love making dream meaning in terms of dealing with lockdowns during the present coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. It also includes many tantalizing photographs of flowers:

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TIMELINE OF THE Video: Love Dreams

 If you’re looking for a specific detail in the video, use the timeline below to find where to look for it in the video:

  • 0:00:00 I mean passionate, intimate, physical dreams
  • 0:00:37 Some YouTube employees have to stay home too
  • 0:00:59 the censorship that the computer normally does
  • 0:01:50 so I want to talk about what those dreams mean, especially in terms of the coronavirus
  • 0:02:10 So, I suppose I could use the word, “The Deed,” or, “The Act.”
  • 0:02:31 flowers are so blatantly blatant
  • 0:03:57 The Number One meaning
  • 0:04:13 a normal, natural type of expression of being a creature on this earth
  • 0:04:52 The problem is that we’re all supposed to stay home.
  • 0:05:31 People are also dreaming about dying, end of the world and having nightmares at this time.

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ROMEO and JULIET (Watercolor)

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Caption: Flowers are the sexual organs of flowering plants, usually containing both male and female parts.

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