Life in a Mayan Village Video

The video above gives a glimpse into the story of Tales from the Yucatan Jungle: Life in a Mayan Village. It’s a book that brings two worlds together and shares glimpses into a sacred, rich Mayan way of life.

Life in a Mayan VillageAuthor Kristine Ellingson has been married now for over 20 years to a Mayan man. At the same time, she’s been living with him in a Mayan village. She shares her real life stories of love, pain, loss, and learning. Through her experiences, she discovers that taking a leap of faith can lead to a fuller and more adventurous life.

From having blood poisoning treated by a curandero or traditional healer to attending a shamanic ceremony to heal the land, Tales from the Yucatan Jungle: Life in a Mayan Village delivers a story containing mystery, intrigue, and heartfelt experiences.

One of the most intriguing experiences Kristine has, while living in the Mayan village, has to do with something she could not understand. Mayan nature spirits, called Alux (pronounced a-LOOSH), mesmerize her so she wanders off alone into the jungle. In the video above, the nature spirits are called, “Leprechan-like little people,” because that is what Santiago, her Mayan husband, calls them. He has seen these elusive nature spirits, and he says that that’s just what they look like.

Carol Chapman

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