Weird Extraterrestrial Alien Visits Earth asks the question: If an alien is a Light Being, and therefore a vibrational being, how would it explore the earth? This video is part of a series for the Golden Ones.

The Golden Ones are souls who decided, in Atlantis, to reincarnate now, when we are again technologically advanced and on the brink of self-annihilation, to be of help and to bring in a new world.

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00:00 Weird Extraterrestrial Alien Visits Earth – A Golden Ones Atlantis Video
00:33 As a Light Being, you’re also a vibrational being, so how would you explore?
00:50 A vibrational being experiences its world as vibration.
01:24 On the other hand, a human body experiences its world through its sensors.
02:14 Nothing stays still in the vibrational world.
03:12 There was no judgement in the vibrational world, only enjoyable differences.


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