Climate Change: 2014/15 Winter Warmest on Record

Although the U.S. northeast experienced an extremely cold 2014/15 winter, the earth experienced the warmest months from December 2014 through February 2015 since weather records have been kept.

I wonder for those of us reincarnated from Atlantis: Is this what it was like before that great island-continent broke up? Were there indications ahead of time that the earth’s climate was changing? Could it be that what we’re going through now, with global climate change, is not only the result of man’s interference with the environment, but also caused by the earth’s inherent dynamic nature?

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Carol Chapman

Carol Chapman is an author, inspirational speaker, and the creator of the Creative Dream Interpretation System. As a speaker, she talks at weekend retreats, day-long events, and half-day programs. Her seminars are not only informative and transformational but also fun and entertaining. They often include participatory workshops and visual aids, such as videos and photographs. She specializes in dream interpretation, reincarnation, and Atlantis, and how to sell books while speaking. Formerly a photojournalist under contract to NASA, her photographs have appeared in magazines and newspapers throughout the world. She is the author of When We Were Gods, Arrival of the Gods in Egypt, Have Your Heart’s Desire, and the Kindle series, Public Speaking Tips for Authors.

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