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Greetings to Malcolm and Debbie Stephenson


Carol Chapman

This is my first comment on someone else’s blog. Therefore, there is a good chance I have not used “Live Writer” correctly.

Nonetheless, I appreciate the opportunity to comment on your lovely site at

Thank you, Malcolm and Debbie for commenting on my blog,

I find your post on the enforcement of anti-smoking laws in the UK quite interesting. Here in the US “No Smoking” has become pretty much the norm. However, whenever I’ve traveled to Europe, I’ve found that people smoke quite a lot in comparison.

From what I’ve read, second-hand smoke can be quite dangerous to a person’s health just from being in the same room with a smoker. I wonder if Europe is on the road to becoming a smoke free environment.

Thank you for posting the interesting information.

All the best,


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Carol Chapman

Eek! Did you see my entry on July 1st? Every time I wrote the word, “it’s” or “aren’t” or anything within “quotation marks” the blog technology–that strange, behind-the-scenes power in cyberspace–gave the word all these strange letters and signs. 

James Maduk, my internet guru says this happened because I posted that blog directly into the WordPress Blog instead of posting the blog through Live Writer.

He also says that I need to stop fooling around with the different colors, fonts, and sizes of the type I’m using.

So, today, I’m following his suggestion to see if it will work better.

This is written in Live Writer, with the default font (even though I wish it were bigger), no special colors, absolutely straight. So, let’s see if it will post straight as well.

Assuming this works, you can view some of James’ fre.e online marketing videos after registering at Free Registration Page.

Wishing you the best,

Carol Chapman

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Calendar Cover

This is the BIG DAY when I am going to do what I promised a number of posts ago.

At last, I’m going to insert a photograph into this blog. I promised that I’d show you the front cover of the “Divine in Nature: With Quotes from Edgar Cayce” 2008 Calendar that I designed and that contains my photographs.

“Divine in Nature:
With Quotes by
Edgar Cayce”
2008 Calendar
by Carol Chapman and
Clair Balsley

To your success and happiness!


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Photographs of Fish Hawks

I’m all fired up about making calendars. This weekend, I went out to get photographs for next year’s calendar.

 The ospreys are nesting on markers along the river. We went out sailing in the morning.

Morning light is fantastic for taking pictures. It’s when the light is fresh, clean, and soft—not harsh like it is at mid-day. Overhead light on a sunny day also makes strong shadows that can detract from an otherwise fantastic picture. Many people don’t realize that overcast can give the best pictures because the light is more even.

I got some wonderful pictures of ospreys—fish hawks. They have the most amazing yellow eyes.  © 2007 Carol Chapman  

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Still working on the Calendar

I’ve been “on fire” about this calendar, working late into the night, feeling very grateful that I now know how to make tables and can design the calendar part of it. It’s shaping up beautifully. Had a prototype made at Kinko’s. I’ve put the full moon and the new moon for every month on it, and also the major holidays in both the US and Canada. 

As soon as I figure out how to insert a photograph into a blog, I’ll show you the cover, which is also the photo I used for the month of November. It’s a tree silhouetted against a sunrise and it’s lovely. Everyone who sees it oohs and aahs. © 2007 Carole Chapman 



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Photographic Fun

Today I’m having a lot of fun designing a calendar. Although I now spend most of my time writing and speaking in public, I still love photography. Even though I no longer work for NASA as the photojournalist in their Office of Public Affairs, I’m still taking pictures . . . probably always will. The world is such a beautiful place!

If you’ve looked at my speaker web site at, you know that for some people, the favorite part of my seminars is my slide show. Many people have asked that my photographs be available.

Therefore, I’m extra happy because I can put some of my photos in this calendar. I’m also using quotations from the Edgar Cayce readings to make a “God in Nature” 2008 wall calendar. It’s going to be great!

I’ve got pictures of waterfalls, butterflies—even two butterflies in a courtship ritual!—a mountain, orchids, roses, and many more. What fun!

© 2007 Carole Chapman

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