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Edgar Cayce Prediction: Immaculate Conception

A September 25, 2002 online National Geographic article at:

says that “A female white spotted bamboo shark at the Belle Isle Aquarium in Detroit surprised zookeepers in July by giving birth to two babies. Why the surprise? It was a virgin birth: She hadn’t been near a male for six years.”

The article goes on to say that:

“The births have raised questions among scientists as to whether sharks may be able to reproduce parthenogenetically, a mode of reproduction in which the egg is not fertilized. These so-called virgin births are common in invertebrates like snails, but are unusual in higher vertebrates.”

Again, I point out this article in support of Edgar Cayce’s trance reading which said, in 1937, that immaculate conception is a natural law.

Take care and keep well,

Carol Chapman

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Edgar Cayce Prediction: Immaculate Conception is Natural Law

In a June 27, 1937 trance reading given by the world’s best-documented psychic Edgar Cayce, the Virginia Beach “sleeping seer” said:

“It’s like many proclaiming today that the Master was immaculately conceived; they say “Impossible!” They say that it isn’t in compliance with the natural law. It IS a natural law . . .” (5749-8)*

It turns out that scientists are proving Cayce right. In December, 2006, a Komodo Dragon lizard, which grows to 10 feet or 3 meters in length conceived a clutch of eggs that hatched into four surviving babies. Scientists attest that she conceived her babies without a male.

In a December 21, 2006 TimesOnline article at 

Mark Henderson, Science Editor says:

“Parthenogenesis, which is derived from the Greek words for virgin birth, occurs when an egg spontaneously begins dividing as if it were an embryo, without being fertilised by sperm. It is known to have produced live young in about 70 vertebrate species, mostly reptiles and fish, and is thought to be encouraged when females are separated from males.”

Congratulations, Edgar, for another accurate psychic reading!

Carol Chapman

*  Edgar Cayce Readings (c) 1971, 1993-2007 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation

All Rights Reserved

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Dream Interpretation: Need to Follow Up

If you purposefully ask for direction from your dream “incubate a dream” as I suggested yesterday and you get a great dream full of helpful suggestions, you need to follow up immediately-assuming that to do so you won’t hurt yourself or someone else.

Otherwise, your unconscious or your soul-whatever you want to call it-won’t think you’re serious about working with it and it won’t give you information so easily the next night.

To your success & happiness,

Carol Chapman

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Dream Interpretation: How to Get Help from a Dream

 You can get help from a dream. All you have to do is to think about your problem, interest, or concern as you fall asleep.

For example, in yesterday’s post, I shared a dream about my writing. I had “incubated” that dream by holding the manuscript in my hands and reading through the areas I wanted to work on the next day just before I turned the light off in bed.

In this way, I was thinking about the manuscript as I fell asleep. It is similar to setting a compass heading or choosing a direction.

If you keep a question, concern, or interest in your mind as you’re falling asleep, you may get answers the next day.

Wishing you an answer in a dream,

Carol Chapman

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Dream Interpretation


Meaning of Dream:

Sitting on convertible: Sitting on something that can be changed

Convertible top needs to close: Need to close something

Being interrogated, fear I will say too much: Need to say less

Writer friend: This is about my writing, the book I’m just finishing

At a make up class: make something up: fiction

Not interested in make up class: Stick to the facts, don’t writing something that isn’t interesting

Dream interpretation: (I’m just finishing revising Blessed. Before bed, looking over the last chapter.) I need to close the book, finish it, say less, and, in finishing it, stick to the facts, and only include what is interesting to my audience.

To your dream success,

Carol Chapman

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Greetings to Malcolm and Debbie Stephenson


Carol Chapman

This is my first comment on someone else’s blog. Therefore, there is a good chance I have not used “Live Writer” correctly.

Nonetheless, I appreciate the opportunity to comment on your lovely site at

Thank you, Malcolm and Debbie for commenting on my blog,

I find your post on the enforcement of anti-smoking laws in the UK quite interesting. Here in the US “No Smoking” has become pretty much the norm. However, whenever I’ve traveled to Europe, I’ve found that people smoke quite a lot in comparison.

From what I’ve read, second-hand smoke can be quite dangerous to a person’s health just from being in the same room with a smoker. I wonder if Europe is on the road to becoming a smoke free environment.

Thank you for posting the interesting information.

All the best,


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Da Vinci Code

Hi again. Lately I’ve been watching a DVD called, The Da Vince Code Decoded. The most interesting part of this video was the section on the Nag Hammadi Library–1st and 2nd century Christian writings in Coptic, the language of the ancient Egyptians.

If you’ve read my book, Blessed, you know that the Copts are part of the Eastern Orthodox Church from which Rome and the Roman Catholic church split centuries ago. I had the privilege of staying with a modern-day Coptic Christian family in Egypt. They brought me to their hometown of Assiut where apparitions of the Virgin Mary were appearing. The Copts were started by the apostle Mark.

I’m excited about the Nag Hammadi Library, which is a book by James M. Robinson, because it translates writings by early Christians who are not associated with the Roman Catholic church. Very interesting. And quite different, according to Robinson on the DVD–that the resurrected Christ was not a flesh person but more like a light being.

Also very much like the Virgin Mary apparition in Assiut and also my memories of Atlanteans.

Take care and keep well,

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Angels in the Garden? by Carol Chapman


 Lily-0070 4 Web 72dpiTake a look at this. I’m continuing to take photos that can be used in future nature calendars. In addition, I’m using the photographs like this one of the lily, plus the photos from this year’s Divine in Nature: with Quotes from Edgar Cayce, to make greeting cards.

Do you see the circle behind the lily stamens? It wasn’t until I printed the image on a greeting card that I saw the circle.

My friends have lately been discussing photographs showing orbs in them. A couple of my Study Group members brought in photos  showing similar orbs. They say that the orbs are supposed to be angels.

I didn’t think I’d ever have the opportunity to take an orb / angel photo until I printed this photo. I went back and looked at a number of the pictures I took of this lovely Lily.

And, guess what? Two more photos have orbs in them. I’ve intensified the colors in the images with Photoshop so you can see the orbs better.

Lily-_0069-72-dpi-4-Web Lily-_0070-72dpi-4Web Lily-_0071-72dpi-4Web
1. The 1st photo with
orbs in it–two of

2. The same photo as above with the  color intensified to show the orb.

3. The photo I took
after the one at
left. It shows two
orbs like No. 1.








Both Photos number 1 and 3 have more head room in them and show two orbs. The orbs also appear to be moving.

Do you know anything about orbs and angels? Have you photographed any?

Carol Chapman

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Carol Chapman

Eek! Did you see my entry on July 1st? Every time I wrote the word, “it’s” or “aren’t” or anything within “quotation marks” the blog technology–that strange, behind-the-scenes power in cyberspace–gave the word all these strange letters and signs. 

James Maduk, my internet guru says this happened because I posted that blog directly into the WordPress Blog instead of posting the blog through Live Writer.

He also says that I need to stop fooling around with the different colors, fonts, and sizes of the type I’m using.

So, today, I’m following his suggestion to see if it will work better.

This is written in Live Writer, with the default font (even though I wish it were bigger), no special colors, absolutely straight. So, let’s see if it will post straight as well.

Assuming this works, you can view some of James’ fre.e online marketing videos after registering at Free Registration Page.

Wishing you the best,

Carol Chapman

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