Atlantean Hall of Records in the Edgar Cayce readings

Here’s a quote from America’s great psychic Edgar Cayce on the sealing of the Atlantean Hall of Records in the Great Pyramid:

The ceremony [sealing of the tomb of records at Gizeh] was long; the clanging of the apex by the gavel that was used in the sounding of the placing. Hence there has arisen from this ceremony many of those things that may be seen in the present; as the call to prayer, the church bell in the present, may be termed a descendant; the sounding of the trumpet as the call to arms, or that as revelry; the sound as of those that make for mourning, in the putting away of the body; the sounding as of ringing in the new year, the sounding as of the coming of the bridegroom; all have their inception from the sound that was made that kept the earth’s record of the earth’s building, as to that from the change.

Edgar Cayce Reading 378-14

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Carol Chapman

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