10 Million Dollars Jim Carrey and the Law of Attraction

Have you heard the story about the 10 million dollars Jim Carrey and the Law of Attraction?

I wondered if this was just a made up rumor or if it actually happened. So, what was this rumor? To begin, you may know Jim Carrey as the slapstick comedian, for such laugh fests as Dumb and Dumber and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

However, while still an unknown, he used to drive to the Hollywood sign every day and imagine the life he wanted to live. Once there, he’d visualize producers and directors calling him to give him parts in their movies.

10 million dollars Jim Carrey and the Law of Attraction

Jim Carrey, 2008 photo by Ian Smith, London England (Flickr),  Wikipedia Commons

Most specifically, he’d visualize receiving a 10 million dollar check. In fact, he wrote himself a check for $10 million and kept it in this wallet. Then, he could take it out and imagine that the check really belonged to him.

Interestingly, When people tell this story, they usually present  it as an example of the Law of Attraction.

Well, now you’ve heard the story. What do you think? Urban rumor or true story?

Carrey speaks at approximately 1:11 in the video below. Then, at 3:04 he talks about writing himself a 10 million dollar check, with the expectation that he would receive that amount in three years. Amazingly, he actually received a check for $10 million almost exactly at three years from the time he wrote the pretend check.

Below, see the video in which Celebrities Talk about the Law of Attraction

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