In which country would you live the longest: the U.S., Canada, Mexico, or Germany?

If you lived in Canada instead of the U.S., you would:

  • Live 3.05 years longer
  • Spend 45.33% less on health care
  • Have 18.73% less chance of dying in infancy
  • Have 8.6% chance more of being unemployed
  • Be 33.33% less like to have HIV/AIDS

What about a comparison with the United States’ southern neighbor, Mexico? You would:

  • Die 1.98 years sooner
  • Spend 88.42% less on health care
  • Have 2.9 times greater chance of dying in infancy
  • Have 39.8% more chance of being unemployed
  • Be 50% less likely to have HIV/AIDS

What about Germany?

  • Live 1.17 years longer
  • Spend 48.43% less money on health care
  • Have 35.67% less chance of dying in infancy
  • Have 11.83% more chance of being unemployed
  • Be 83.33% less likely to have HIV/AIDS

Interested in a comparison with France? Luxembourg? Australia? Check out this nifty website: If It Were My Home. You can also compare countries other than the U.S. with other countries on the website.

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