Country Singer Reba McEntire believes in Reincarnation!

How do you like that? Reba McEntire believes she’s been born again and she doesn’t mean “born again” in the religious sense. She means reincarnation.

Country queen Reba McEntire has stunned her legions of devout Christian fans by revealing she believes in reincarnation.

In an interview with country news website GACTV.com, the flame-haired singer insists she’s been a man in a previous life and she has known her son Shelby before.

Reba McEntire: ‘I’m Born Again’ – Starpulse Entertainment News Blog

Will her “born again” fans be able to stick by her?

It may turn out that many of them secretly believe in reincarnation as well!

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Christiane Konnerth - May 5, 2022

I would say that Reba McEntire most likely is new age rather than a born again Christian. Her beliefs are too weird for her to be truly a born-again Christian.

    Carol Chapman - May 25, 2022

    OK, then, that makes sense that she believes in reincarnation. Thanks for the information.

Stephen Wood - March 30, 2021

No one can identify as a true born again Christian and embrace reincarnation…the two beliefs are mutually exclusive.

The Bible says “it is appointed unto Man ONCE to die…”, (Hebrews 9:27), not many times as the hindus believe . God’s word also prophesies that just before the return of Christ, the world will be flooded with false doctrines, unsound, and glorifying self.

Reba Mcintire’s belief in reincarnation is purely self motivated and with absolutely no scriptural basis. I pray she has a true born again experience with Jesus, and sheds the blinding scales of self serving pseudo doctrines.

Steve Wood
Overland park, Kansas


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