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Damaged Egyptian "Mecca" To Be Restored

 I know it doesn’t make sense that all of the pharaohs would be buried in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. There were Egyptian Kings throughout Egypt, not just in the central area. Nonetheless, today I was surprised to see this National Geographic article on the restoration of burial sites in Abydos, Egypt.

Millions of Egyptians crossed the desert surrounding Abydos from 664 B.C. to A.D. 395 to pay homage to the god of the dead, Osiris. Many of Egypt’s earliest pharaohs were buried at the site.

Damaged Egyptian “Mecca” To Be Restored

The article goes on to say that many of the temples and tombs in the Abydos area contain the earliest known hieroglyphic writing. Evidently farms and roads are encroaching upon the 3.1 mile- (5 kilometer) wide area.

Evidently most of the damage to the area occurred prior to the 1970s when people built homes in the ruin area. For example, one house contains the stump of a pillar from the temple of Ramses I. During the 1970s, the Egyptian government relocated people who had moved into the ruin area and compensated them.

However, the archeological zone is only now about to undergo restoration. This is a very important area because it contains the history of the earliest pharaohs.

This is, therefore, the area that must contain the earliest copies of what is popularly called The Book of the Dead. It is a very valuable area! I am glad it is being restored. Who knows what mysteries of human origins may be solved there.

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Praises for Arrival of the Gods in Egypt

I feel especially happy because I received a wonderful, encouraging testimonial for Arrival of the Gods in Egypt. The testimonial came from a woman who saw the book on the desk of a professional to whom I’d sent the book for inclusion in a catalog. The woman picked up the book, leafed through it, started to read it and (the professional told me) became totally enthralled.

Because this is a woman who returns books, the professional allowed the woman to borrow the book. The next day, the professional received a telephone call. The woman said she couldn’t put the book down. She stayed up all night reading it.

She said that she loved Arrival of the Gods in Egypt. She loved the story. She loved the writing style . . . everything! She especially loved that the book started in our world and then took the reader to exotic places where wonderful things were happening.

Authors need encouragement. It sure did make my day.

Carol Chapman —

Copyright (c) Carol Chapman All Rights Reserved

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My New Book, Arrival of the Gods in Egypt, is Here!

I’m pretty happy today because my new book, Arrival of the Gods in Egypt, arrived a couple of days ago. It looks gorgeous! The cover is fantastic! I really love the back cover too.

Arrival of the Gods in Egypt is a true story describing a search for evidence of Atlantis in Egypt at the time when apparitions of the Virgin Mary are appearing in a town out-of-bounds to foreigners.

Carol Chapman

Copyright (c) 2008 Carol Chapman All Rights Reserved

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Fantastic Testimonial for Arrival of the Gods in Egypt: Hidden Mysteries of Soul and Myth Finally Revealed

I feel so happy to have received this wonderful endorsement of my soon-to-be-available book, Arrival of the Gods in Egypt: Hidden Mysteries of Soul and Myth Finally Revealed. It’s from Day Schwartz, an amazing woman who started the Edgar Cayce Forum in Virginia Beach with her now-deceased husband Joe. She continues as co-moderator of the The Forum with her lovely daughter Lindy van Burik.

The Edgar Cayce Forum features speakers on metaphysical, new age, and body/mind/spirit topics based on Edgar Cayce’s psychic readings . It meets once a month in Virginia Beach. I’ve spoken for them twice.

Here’s her testimonial:

“Unknown for thousands of years, amazing mystical evidence of Atlantis discovered in the pharaohs’ tombs plus mysteries of Mary’s appearances make this page-turner of a book so exciting readers can’t put it down.”

Isn’t that great! Thanks, Day. Love it.

Carol Chapman —

Copyright 2008 Carol Chapman

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Smithsonian Mag: Tattoos in Ancient Egypt

If you’re interested in ancient Egypt, you’ll find this excerpt from the Smithsonian Magazine’s Blog on the origin of tattoos intriguing and also full of information:

Tattoo Art in Egypt
It was believed for a long period of time that tattoo art originated in Ancient Egypt where many figurines, tomb scenes and mummified bodies were found with tattoo art on them.  It should be noted where as one might think tattoos was a way for male self expression, tattoo art in ancient Egypt was only found on women.  For a short time researchers thought that the act of tattooing an Egyptian women meant that she was a prostitute or a dancer, usually being of no importance.

However as more research was done on this evidence it was discovered that only a certain class of women wore tattoo art and these women did not belong to the lower classes, but the more important upper classes in Egyptian society. It is now believed that the tattoo art of ancient Egyptian women were located almost exclusively over the breasts, upper thigh and stomach.  The designs used were generally a net like pattern of dots across the skin.  It is now believed that the ancient Egyptian women used the tattoo as a form of protection rather than self expressive decoration and it was meant to keep the mother and children in the womb safe during the pregnancy and childbirth.

The Smithsonian Magazine Blog

I wonder if the many young people who feel compelled to adorn their bodies with tattoo art have had a reincarnation experience in ancient Egypt.

Carol Chapman

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Ancient Egyptian Beliefs the Basis of Christianity

I found this selection interesting and insightful in that it described the concept that the one god of Christianity originated in ancient Egyptian belief very well so I could understand it in a new way.  I mentioned the concept in my new book, You Are Blessed, and especially like how it is put together here:

Our story begins in ancient Egypt with the pharaoh Aknaten. This pharaoh brought the concept of monotheism into the world for the first time. It was not the Jewish religion that believed this. It was the Egyptian mystery school at Heliopolis. The Jewish people were still worshiping idols such as the golden calf.

The name of the one and only true God was “Ra” and much of the surviving literature about “Ra” and his worship is very beautiful.

To make a long story short, The Jewish people were living in Egypt at this time. It was when Moses was born. . . .

Later Moses led the Jewish people out of Egypt and into the wilderness. He went up into the mountain and came down with the 10 commandments that “Yahweh” had given him. The Jewish people were not interested and still worshiped the idol of a golden calf. The Old Testament tells us that this was a major turning point for the Jewish people. It was when they began to believe in the “one” God.

Modern Survivalism

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Da Vinci Code

Hi again. Lately I’ve been watching a DVD called, The Da Vince Code Decoded. The most interesting part of this video was the section on the Nag Hammadi Library–1st and 2nd century Christian writings in Coptic, the language of the ancient Egyptians.

If you’ve read my book, Blessed, you know that the Copts are part of the Eastern Orthodox Church from which Rome and the Roman Catholic church split centuries ago. I had the privilege of staying with a modern-day Coptic Christian family in Egypt. They brought me to their hometown of Assiut where apparitions of the Virgin Mary were appearing. The Copts were started by the apostle Mark.

I’m excited about the Nag Hammadi Library, which is a book by James M. Robinson, because it translates writings by early Christians who are not associated with the Roman Catholic church. Very interesting. And quite different, according to Robinson on the DVD–that the resurrected Christ was not a flesh person but more like a light being.

Also very much like the Virgin Mary apparition in Assiut and also my memories of Atlanteans.

Take care and keep well,

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