Arrival of The Gods in Egypt Table of Contents

Arrival of the Gods book coverArrival of the Gods in Egypt:
Hidden Mysteries of Soul and Myth Finally Revealed

Table of Contents


Part I: Journey to the Land of the Pharaohs

1: Universe in Charge
2: Cairo at Night
3: Fat Karma and Death
4: Was It a Miraculous Healing?

Part II: The Gods Arrive in Egypt

Chapter 5: Panic in the Pyramid
Chapter 6: The Atlanteans and the Great Pyramid
Chapter 7: The Sphinx and the Woman with the Golden Hair
Chapter 8: Russian Aircraft and Egyptian Tank Trucks
Chapter 9: Who Was Eve?
Chapter 10: Scariest Memory of Atlantis
Chapter 11: Winged Serpents in the Pharaohs’ Tombs
Chapter 12: Light Beings in the Pharaoh’s Tomb
Chapter 13: Psychics, Mystics, and the Root Races
Chapter 14: Serpents, Root Races, and Myths

Part III: Encounter with a Goddess

Chapter 15: The Train Station and the Policeman
Chapter 16: Nighttime Pilgrimage
Chapter 17: Mary Appears in Asyut
Chapter 18: Did Mary Provide Protection?
Chapter 19: Blessed Among Women

Part IV: Gods of the Past and Present

Chapter 20: Twin Souls and Serpent Gods
Chapter 21: Amilius and Atlantis
Chapter 22: Mary for You

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