Secrets of a Psychic

This seminar will give you Cayce’s prescription for the development of your psychic abilities. Remember, everyone has innate psychic talents. In fact, you will be surprised at the simple everyday steps that Cayce suggested for developing psychic ability.

You will learn how to receive guidance, connect with your soul’s purpose in this lifetime, be comforted from within, and discover how to make choices more easily.

What did Edgar Cayce, the world’s most thoroughly documented psychic, have to say about psychic development?

“Depend more upon the intuitive forces from within and not harken so much to that of outside influences – but learn to listen to that still small voice from within …”
(Edgar Cayce Reading 239-1)

When people asked how they could develop psychic abilities like his, the sleeping Edgar Cayce replied, “… psychic IS of the Soul”
(Edgar Cayce Reading 254-185).

Therefore, to develop these gifts, one should enhance their communication with their own soul.

This fascinating seminar provides the following techniques to increase your psychic ability:

  • Recognize varieties of psychic experiences so you can see where your psychic talents lie
  • Set your internal compass to better your life—and the life of those around you
  • Learn Cayce’s suggested method of meditation including a prayer of protection
  • Discover an effective way of asking for guidance
  • Explore: Why do I want and what will I do with my increased psychic abilities?
  • Learn to use dreams to improve your capability to receive soul messages
  • Examine Edgar Cayce’s life of service for choices that lead to psychic development

Carol Chapman is an inspirational speaker, a new age author, a nature photographer, an independent filmmaker, and the CEO of the publishing company SunTopaz LLC. Her speaking style is fun and informative as she educates and entertains audiences in the U.S. and Canada. Her seminars are transformational and often include participatory workshops and visual aids.

“Carol has the unusual ability to hold love and joy out to each participant in a way that each one feels accepted, understood, and encouraged. I recommend her highly to anyone who seeks spiritual awakening in a safe and healing space.”
~ Wallingford, Connecticut

Author of When We Were Gods, Arrival of the Gods in Egypt and Have Your Heart’s Desire, her articles have been published in several spiritual magazines such as Venture Inward and The Open Road. A guest on radio talk shows including Coast-to-Coast AM (Art Bell and George Noory), Carol is an award-winning photographer who previously worked for NASA as a photojournalist. She created the End of the World 2012 Movie and the travel documentary Yucatan Travel: Cancun to Chichen Itza.

Carol earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Prescott College in Arizona and studied photography and filmmaking at Ryerson University in Toronto. She is literally married to the man of her dreams—she met him first in a dream. They enjoy sailing, traveling, and organic gardening.

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