New Years Resolutions That Work

New Year’s Resolutions that work will delight you. You have a choice between two easy-to-do, unique, and effective New Year’s Resolutions. The daily 40-day Law of Attraction Meditation and the 40-day Forgiveness Meditation take only a few minutes every day. You need to say or write them for only 40 days for them to do their magic. Unlike most New Years Resolutions, these do not require a lifestyle change. Nonetheless, they can change your life. In the video below, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to use them.

These 40-day Daily Meditations or Prayers or Affirmations—whatever you want to call them—work with your subconscious mind. They can bring you your heart’s desire (in the case of the 40-day Law of Attraction Meditation) or forgiveness (with the 40-day Forgiveness Meditation). They have helped many people, myself included.

Both the PDFs of the 40-day Affirmations contain:

  • the affirmation
  • instructions on how to use them
  • a sheet that you can use to fill in the blanks with your personal affirmation
  • a calendar that you can use to keep track of the days

Download the New Years Resolutions That Work Meditations Here

New Years Resolutions That WorkNew Years Resolutions That WorkDownload the 40-day Law of Attraction Meditation at this link, click here.

Download the 40-day Forgiveness Meditation at this link, just click here.

Do Only One of the New Years Resolutions That Work at a Time

As I say in the video, choose to do only one of these affirmations at a time. That means, either the 40-day Law of Attraction Meditation or the 40-day Forgiveness Meditation. That also means, only one affirmation, of these choices, a day for forty days.

Because you’re dealing with your subconscious mind, it can only handle one thing at a time. If you try to cram more in by doing two different affirmations a day, you’ll find that the effect will become watered down or even no results at all.

These two prayers were created and given to me by J. Everett Irion. I used to visit him for spiritual counselling at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


In Have Your Heart’s Desire, the book mentioned in the video, you’ll find the answer to some of your questions, such as: “Why 40 days?” You’ll find the book at the this link, just click here.



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