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You have stuff going on in your life. Then, you have this dream. It stays in your mind. You know it's important, and suspect it has something to do with your waking life. But, what does the dream mean?  Does it have a message that applies to your life? Book a 45-minute session with Carol to sort it all out.


What Do Your Dreams Mean? Do they apply to your waking life?

Step # 1

You'll receive an email from Carol Chapman. In the email, I'll ask you if it's for you or for a gift. Then, we'll set things up, either for you or as a gift. If a gift, I'll ask you for the details of the Gift Certificate.

Step # 2

Via email, I'll ask the dreamer to describe the dream. Also, what was going on in the dreamer's life at the time of the dream. We'll also set the date & time for the actual online session.

Step # 3

Your 45-minute dream interpretation session will include the meaning of the dream symbols, especially as to what they mean to you. We'll also discuss how your dream may apply to your waking life.

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Step # 4

If you're giving a gift, please include the name of the person receiving the gift in your email. For an enlarged version of the Gift Certificate, click on the thumbnail image above. 

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About Carol

Carol Chapman

Carol Chapman is an internationally-renowned speaker and author. She helps people to understand their dreams and use that wisdom to better their lives. She has been honing her dream-interpretation skills since the age of 17 when she first began to study dreams. People enjoy her interpretation advice on her blog site and in her YouTube videos. She is literally married to the man of her dreams - she met him first, a stranger, in a dream. They've been married now for 26 years.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that I am not a licensed therapist of any kind and do not offer any type of therapeutic treatment. My goal is to help you understand the meaning of your dreams and better your life with the insights.