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Carol Chapman

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Carol Chapman is an author, inspirational speaker, and independent filmmaker. She specializes in spiritual awakening, dreams, reincarnation, nature spirits, Atlantis, Yucatan, ancient mysteries, Law of Attraction, and the power of prayer.

A keynote speaker at weekend spiritual retreats, her seminars are not only informative and transformational but also fun and entertaining. Carol has appeared in front of audiences in the U.S. and Canada. Her seminars often include participatory workshops and visual aids.

In addition, Carol has been featured on radio, including CBS radio’s Kimmie and Steve and The Maria Shaw Show as well as Coast- to-Coast AM hosted by George Noory and Art Bell. Her articles have been published in several spiritual magazines, including Venture Inward, Alternative Perceptions, Dream Network, FATE Magazine, and The Open Road.

She is the author of:

She has created the movies:

When We Were Gods cover

When We Were Gods

Her first book When We Were Gods (the first edition was called The Golden Ones) came into being after Carol went for hypnotherapy to lose weight. To both her and the hypnotist’s surprise, she began to relive memories of her first experiences on earth, including ones in Atlantis. Under hypnosis, she saw a vision of Atlantean souls who had made the choice long, long ago to return at this very crucial time when the earth again teeters on self annihilation. She was told that her purpose was to awaken these Atlantean souls (called Golden Ones) to their destiny by recounting the history and destiny of the soul on earth. Taking the messages in her hypnosis to heart, she has been writing books and articles,  making movies, and appearing in person to share this information with others.

Arrival of the Gods in Egypt

Arrival of the Gods in Egypt

She followed When We Were Gods with Arrival of the Gods in Egypt in which she traveled to Egypt to find additional confirmation of her Atlantis memories in Egyptian tomb paintings. In When We Were Gods, she had traveled to Yucatan, Mexico. While in Egypt, by chance, apparitions of the Virgin Mary were appearing and the Egyptian family that was hosting Carol were kind enough to take her to the town where they were appearing, a town that was barred from tourists. That journey is also described in the book.

Carol has spoken to many groups in both the U.S. and Canada. She has enjoyed meeting the many wonderful people who were drawn to the topics in her books. During those seminars and workshops, Carol discovered that one thing audiences really wanted to know more about was her spiritual journey and whether they could do those same things to further their spiritual development. Some of the areas of spiritual growth she had touched on in her first two books and seminars were the 40-day prayers, nature spirits, and consulting dreams for life guidance.

Have Your Heart's Desire Front Cover

Have Your Heart’s Desire

As a result of those requests, Carol decided to develop a series of books and seminars to help others grow spiritually. She has called the series “Your Spiritual Awakening.” The first book and seminar in the series is Have Your Heart’s Desire. The book includes two 40-day prayers (a manifestation prayer and a forgiveness prayer) as well as a prayer to free oneself of resentment. In the book Carol stresses that the prayers can be used by anyone of any spiritual belief system, even atheists. The prayers can also be considered meditations. She learned the prayers from J. Everett Irion, and they draw on the same principles that govern the Law of Attraction. The seminar helps attendees to put these principles into action. It includes participatory exercises which can be continued after leaving the event.

Yucatan Travel movie front cover

Yucatan Travel

During her trips to Yucatan, she fell in love with the area and was disappointed that she couldn’t find a lot of the things she needed to know about the area in the travel guides she watched and read. As a result, she filmed Yucatan Travel: Cancun to Chichen Itza. In the film, she, her husband and one of her grown daughters give viewers a taste of what it’s really like visiting Mayan ruins and other gems this area of Yucatan has to offer. They enjoy the genuine Mayan food, explore archeological wonders, swim in the warm aquamarine waters of the Riviera Maya, and talk with Mayan people in the wonderful, beautiful land of Yucatan.

End of the World 2012 EBook Cover

End of the World 2012 Book

As 2012 approached and there were various reports of the end of the world occurring on December 21, 2012, mostly attributed to an ancient Mayan Calendar, Carol wondered whether it was real. She decided to find out the truth. She traveled to Yucatan where she interviewed Mayan shamans as well as some Mayan locals. Carol also talked with experts on the Mayan prophecies, including Dr. Robert K. Sitler who is the Director of Latin American Studies Program at Stetson University. The result of her investigations was presented in the End of the World 2012 Movie as well as in print in the End of the World 2012 Book and Ebook. In the movie and book, she also shares a Chichen Itza Shamanic Equinox Event and learns about the Galactic Center from astronomers.

Carol also belongs to Chesapeake Bay Writers, an organization of creative people who live in southeastern Virginia. She’s made a number of friends and receive support, encouragement, and helpful suggestions for her writing and filmmaking.

She’s learning online marketing with the online marketing mentor James Maduk. It’s a membership site at MySmallBizUniversity that provides web hosting with a over 1,000 videos that make internet marketing easy. James is great and very patient, even with a technically challenged person. He also provides brilliant ideas for those who are technically adept.

What’s in a Name?

You’ll see Carol’s name listed in various publications as: Carole A. P. Chapman, Carole Chapman, and Carol Chapman. They’re all the same person. Carol Chapman is the preferred version and is recommended by a numerologist.

Praises for Carol’s Appearances on Talk Radio

“I was listening to Coast-to-Coast last night and caught your interview. What a joy to learn more about the self in this lifetime . . . It is wonderful to find kindred spirits and to know that I am not alone.”
~ Radio Listener

“I just heard you last night on the Art Bell show. Thank you, thank you.”
~ Radio listener

” . . . just listened to your archived show on fatemag with Hilly Rose . . . WONDERFUL!!!”
~ Sharon K.

Previous Radio Appearances

Reflections Internet Radio Show (The Wisdom of Edgar Cayce)
Coast-to-Coast AM (Art Bell/George Noory), 254 affiliate stations
The Kimmie Rose Show, CBS Radio, PsychicOnAir
The Maria Shaw Show, CBS Radio, PsychicOnAir
Doug Stephan Show, 296 affiliate stations
Joyce Keller Show, NYC
Beyond Strange and Mysterious, NYC
KESP–1450 AM San Francisco, Insights for Your Life with Sharmai and Keith Amber
WYDE-FM–Birmingham, Alabama . . . The Matt Murphy Show
WSAU–Wisconsin . . . The Tom King Show
KCMO–Kansas City, Kansas . . . The Mike Murphy Show
Hilly Radio with Hilly Rose on FateMag (satellite radio)
Mysteries of the Mind with Alex Merklinger
WMTR–Morristown, NJ . . . with Julie Brigs
KSEN–Shelby, Montana . . . with Jerry Puffer
KXIC–Iowa City, Iowa . . . with Royy Justis
KTOX–Needles, California . . . with Dave Mitchell
KXNA–Fayetteville, Arkansas . . . with Frank Wayland
WLTO–LaSalle, Illinois . . . with Don Rutkowsky
WXGM–Gloucester, Virginia . . . with Neal Steele
KXKX–Sedlaia Missouri . . . with the Treecer Man
CFOS–Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada . . . with Gail Ross
London, Ontario, Canada


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